3 Pitfalls Of Designing Your Own Kitchen Remodel With 3D Rendering Software

October 15, 2013 Uncategorized


No kitchen renovation is entirely problem-free so always be skeptical of glowing written referrals on the websites or brochures of remodeling or interior design firms. Every kitchen remodel has inevitable electrical, plumbing and space issues even with a professional design. If you have heard all of the horror stories and still want to do your own design here are the three most common pitfalls and how to avoid them by hiring a kitchen renovation firm.

#1. Using 3D Rendering Software Takes Time And Experience

Hire a remodeling firm or interior designer and the chances are excellent that they will use 3D rendering software to design your kitchen. They take laser measurements of your kitchen and then use the software to create a virtual image of your kitchen, as it would look after the remodel. This lets you visualize how your kitchen will look post-renovation. If you are tempted to go it alone, you might be stuck with home-user software and this is far more limited than professional options. Even if you spend time learning how to use the program effectively, you may miss tricks that let you get the perfect kitchen design. Getting the shadow and lighting rendering wrong can ruin the look of your plan and lead you to make decisions that don’t look good in reality. Hiring a specialist kitchen renovation company saves you time and gives you the perfect look.

#2. Matching The Rendering To Materials Is Hard

3D rendering software gives you tools and resource to turn your ideas for a kitchen remodel into an interactive design that you can ‘fly-through’ on your home computer. A common problem that people come up against is that the library of images such as cabinetry, countertops and fixtures isn’t comprehensive. The program may have thousands of images of cabinets but none of them are ones in your local store or ones that you’ve seen online. For the home user, you may not be able to import the exact designs you want and thus never know how they’ll actually look. This is only avoided if you turn to an established kitchen renovation firm. Their professional grade rendering software has virtual cabinets in the exact same shape, size, colors and textures as the ones they sell. This lets you see exactly how they will look in your room before you buy.

#3: Software Doesn’t Have The Knowledge Of Contractors

Even if you part with serious cash for high-end rendering software, you will press ahead with your design oblivious to if or how it will actually work in real life. Software gives you a nice starting point from which to choose the style and color of cabinets, flooring, walls and countertops but not much more. For example, software can’t tell you whether your sink or appliance placement is possible for the layout of your kitchen. A dedicated kitchen renovation specialist will have seen and dealt with all these problems before. Every kitchen renovation project runs into problems with wiring, plumbing and issues of whether countertops and cabinets fit or look right. They have experience of working alongside plumbers and electricians and can give you actionable advice about whether your design with work with your room. What matters isn’t whether a renovation has problems but how contractors deal with them. You need a renovation firm, not rendering software, fighting your corner to get the job done properly.

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