4 Basic Ways to Maintain Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

September 15, 2014 Uncategorized


Custom kitchen cabinets may be rather expensive for some families, so it would be wise to make it a cost-efficient long-term investment by maintaining them properly. This requires regular cleaning and upkeep for your kitchen cabinets to be in the best condition possible.

These days, custom-made kitchen cabinets may come in synthetic materials which are usually easier to maintain. But for those who still prefer the traditional wooden cabinets that are relatively more difficult to upkeep, fret not, for there are ways you can make them clean, albeit with a bit more sweat. It might be discouraging that you have to put in so much effort to maintain your kitchen cabinets, but take it as a necessary measure in maximizing their practicality and cost-efficiency.

Keep the dust away

There is nothing you can do to stop dust from settling on your kitchen cabinets, but the least you can do is to dust them off the surface regularly. It is not wise to let the dust accumulate, thinking that you can always get rid of them at one shot some time later. This is not a good idea as the grease that is present in your kitchen will gradually trap those dust particles, making it even more difficult for you to clean them afterwards.

So dust your kitchen cabinets frequently – you do not have to take up too much time in making them sparkling clean – just sweep the dust off the surfaces with a clean cotton cloth and some dust repelling spray. Doing so on a regular basis will also help to keep the indoor air quality free from dust and allergens, contributing to a much better and healthier environment for you and your family.

Organize your storage items

This could be very tedious, but nevertheless necessary in maintaining your kitchen cabinets. What is the point of having custom-made kitchen cabinets that are only clean and smooth on the outside but dirty and messy on the inside? Take some time off to remove all the objects in your kitchen cabinets and clean them one by one. Then, use a damp cotton cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt on the inner shelves and walls of your cabinets. If you are have more free time on hand, you can even polish some of the items before placing them back.

Reorganize your storage items neatly into your kitchen cabinets. Arranging them in a tidy fashion adds to the overall cleanliness and will also make things more convenient for you. Remember to use a dry cloth to wipe your cabinets again to prevent streaks from possibly appearing.

Cleaning glass

Some kitchen cabinets come with glass panels which need more care during cleaning. You have to clean both the wood and the glass of your cabinets entirely so keep them well-maintained over time. If you have glass panels, make sure to get some glass cleaning solution from your nearby mart. Never spray the solution directly on your glass panels. It is always safer to spray them onto a damp cloth before wiping the glass surface. After which, you may use another dry cloth to dry the panel and be sure to wipe it until you do not see any streaks.

Glass requires more effort to take care of. There are some glass cleaning solutions in the market that might not be good enough to clean your glass panels. If you want a safer alternative, you can always mix water and vinegar in your house and use that to clean the glass surfaces. It is recommended as it is simple and sees better results.

Polish your cabinets

You should only apply polish after you have cleaned your kitchen cabinets. If there are any fingerprints or stains, you can always remove them easily with a damp cloth. As for dirtier kitchen cabinets that require more work, it is advisable that you dip a clean cloth into warm soapy water before cleaning them. After everything has been cleaned, you may use polish or wax to make your kitchen cabinets shine. Polishing your cabinets adds that luster to make them look as good as new. Be sure to ask your contractor what kind of wax or polish is suitable for your custom kitchen cabinet. You can always test it on a smaller spot and observe the results before applying it to the whole cabinet.

These are some of the ways you can keep your custom kitchen cabinets maintained for a long time to come, should they be made of harder-to-clean wood or glass panels. On the whole, be it synthetic or natural materials, custom kitchen cabinets should always be given some attention to when it comes to cleaning. You have already gone the extra mile to have your cabinets custom-made, so might as well put in more effort to maintain them and make your investment more worthwhile?

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