4 Common Misconceptions About Customized Kitchen Cabinets

September 15, 2014 Uncategorized


Although going for customized kitchen cabinets is a good way of ensuring that you get the best for yourself, some people remain skeptical about the benefits of personalizing them. Why bother customizing when you can get one from your local furniture store? Why go to such trouble just for a kitchen cabinet? While they are sound concerns, there are still quite a few misconceptions floating around regarding customization. These misconceptions should be addressed for people to be more accepting of it and have more open options when it comes to getting new kitchen cabinets for themselves.

They will cost a bomb

No! You can always inform your contractor of your budget and have them work around it. Have them remind you if you happen to choose a material that goes way beyond your budget.

Even though customizing your kitchen cabinets may probably cost more than just buying a ready-made one from a furniture shop, it is actually very cost-effective. If you think about it, having a personalized kitchen cabinet that fits your kitchen perfectly is most likely going to last longer. In the long run, the extra amount that you have paid for it will be more worthwhile than having to change your cabinets more frequently.

They are redundant

There are some kitchens with irregularly-shaped walls that require custom-made kitchen cabinets. For the said households, customization would be more of a necessity than merely a want. So no, it is not always redundant.

In addition, why is it redundant if it is a way to create storage space for your kitchen? Going for customized kitchen cabinets entail that you will have contractors who will ensure that they fit perfectly at the right place and at the right angles. It is visually more appealing and also more practical because it helps to make good use of your kitchen space. Personalizing your kitchen cabinet accounts for practicality since they are custom-made for a nicer fit and better storage, and practicality does not make the process redundant at all.

They should imitate a branded model

Some people might be tempted to make use of the chance to custom-make a kitchen cabinet that resembles a branded one. Usually, this is not allowed and the contractors will also find it ethically wrong. Although customization refers to tailor-making a product based on your preferences, it is still not right to use other people’s services in getting you an imitation.

For those who want to get pretty branded kitchen cabinets, there is only one way to go – save up to buy them. Even if you manage to coerce a contractor in making you a cabinet that is similar to an existing product in the market, you cannot deny the fact that they are still different. How will you feel if people wrongly assume that you have a branded kitchen cabinet when you actually do not? Most of the time, designers and contractors will not agree on helping to make rip-offs. This is an important point that needs to be noted by customers so that things do not escalate and get awkward between the consumer and the service provider.

They are only made of wood

It is easier for you to clean your kitchen cabinet if it is made from synthetic materials rather than real wood. The common assumption that custom-made kitchen cabinets only come in wood is again, another misconception and is hence not true. Today, they are available in melamine and also natural plywood, giving customers the best of both worlds. So if you are concerned about getting a synthetic material for easier maintenance, it is definitely not true that custom-made kitchen cabinets are only available in wood.

Of course, you would still have to double-check with your contractor on some details as different contractors offer different materials. Overall, is would be even better if more people could stay away from these common misconceptions and be more open about customized kitchen cabinets.

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