4 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring a Kitchen Renovation Contractor

February 24, 2020 Kitchen and Bathrooms

A kitchen renovation can be an ideal way to bring in the latest upgrades to your home or give it a quick makeover. However, it does require quite a lot of homework or else can turn into a complete nightmare.

Most kitchen renovation companies are qualified and experienced enough to do an outstanding job on your project. But there are some amateur ones that you should be better avoiding. Here is a well-evaluated questionnaire on the basis of which you can separate the best from the rest:

Q1. How long you have been in the same line of business?

Kitchen remodeling companies that have been in the field for several years have certainly worked harder and went through all kinds of highs-lows to gain their specialization. While the new entrants in the industry can be equally good, opting for someone who has a prior experience is preferable to ensure that your work is delivered on time and budget, and is of the highest quality.

So, do your research and list down the renowned contractors in your locality. Ask for their experience and if you are satisfied with their technical, service and business skills attained, only then go ahead.

Q2.  Have you worked with a similar remodeling project before?

Renovation contractors have different types of skill sets. Someone who did a great work in your neighbor’s garage or backyard might not be a viable fit for your kind of kitchen or bathroom remodeling job.

Thus, it is important to ask your potential contractors to first share their list of past projects. This will not be only helpful in finding services in the scope of your particular remodeling task, but also to gauge contractors’ work quality, adherence to schedule, and overall competence.

Q3.  Do you carry valid insurance and license?

A company that is duly insured and licensed is your surety that the job performed will be up to the highest mark and in case of any negligence; you will be covered against the losses. On the other hand, an uninsured company may give you some really good discounts, but may not have the financial strength to take care of the repairs.

Therefore, make sure you see proof of insurance and a copy of a license or an alternate credential before hiring any contractor for full safety.

Q4. Will there be any subcontractors involved?

It is essential to ask your contractor for all other workers that will be involved in renovating your kitchen. Some companies may have in-house tile installers, custom kitchen cabinet makers, electricians, carpenters, etc. while others may sub-contract out.

So, it is best to double-check the status quo of your renovation contractor and confirm if all subcontractors are covered under worker’s compensation laws and disability insurance.

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