5 Reasons Why You Should Install Kitchen Islands

February 13, 2017 Uncategorized

A kitchen serves a lot more purpose than just making meals. It makes a great area for a family to bond while making meals, or even as a dining area. A kitchen island is an excellent addition to a kitchen, and for several reasons.

  1. It provides extra seating

A kitchen island is a great area for kids to sit while having a snack after school and for doing their homework. It is perfect when you have guests over too, as the island will comfortably seat some extra people while they enjoy their drinks or have a meal, and in entertaining, an extra seat or two is always a good thing!

A kitchen Island provides a homey and cozy feel to a kitchen as you can prepare your meals while talking to your guests so they don’t feel too left out. In case your kitchen is a bit small, you can be creative and a counter can always be extended into the next room, which will serve the purpose of a kitchen island.

1. You can use it for storage

A kitchen island is a perfect addition to the storage you already have. You can always have drawers, shelves and compartments built in to create more storage space for your kitchen appliances or utensils that are not in constant use and need to be put away. You can also store recycling bins, garbage or even those extra cooking supplies that won’t fit in the kitchen cabinet.

2. It increases your house resale value

A kitchen island makes a great addition to a kitchen that would be otherwise plain and understated. Most families want to buy houses with kitchens that encompass a kitchen island. Most modern families prefer eating their meals informally in the kitchen as they catch up on the day’s event. Being busy at work all day and the kids in school means there is less family time. A kitchen island means the family can sit around a kitchen island as their meals are prepared and bond.

3. You get more counter space

Modern kitchens have lots of appliances that it is possible to actually have no space for them! A kitchen island gives you an ideal space to place some of the appliances. You can have a counter top that is a comfortable height for your children and have appliances such as the microwave and toaster placed on it. This makes it easier for them to be able to warm food without having to step on a stool, or having to ask an adult to do it. On the other hand, it also gives you more space to prepare your meals with ease. You can even add a preparation sink on the island to make it easier to prepare food, or even add a wine cooler under the island for ease of pouring wine during meals.

4. The material options are not limited 

You can use almost any material you so desire for the kitchen island as the options are endless. The materials used depend on your tastes and preferences and of course your budget. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider solid surfaces that are manmade, or plastic laminates.

A kitchen island made from stained concrete or higher quality of solid surfaces is for you if your budget is slightly higher. For those who want top notch materials, exotic woods, butcher blocks and granite are also available. For kitchen ideas in Newmarket, you can search online or physically visit any store to get a feel of what they entail.

All in all, a kitchen island is a good investment, and it adds aesthetic value to a kitchen. It does not matter what type of material you use, as long as it serves your purpose and fits into your lifestyle.

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