6 Kitchen Cabinet Door Designs To Consider

May 17, 2018 Uncategorized

Every house always has a story to tell about its occupants. From the texture and color of the walls to the ceiling design, every room speaks volumes about an individual’s style and taste. The kitchen is not an exception. Each detail in the cooking area intricately weaves around the style and character of not just an individual but of all the occupants. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to be keen on your choice of something as profound as the type of kitchen cabinet doors. But before then, what options do you have when you are seeking beautiful designs? Find out now!

Beadboard Cabinet Doors

Beadboard cabinet doors feature a series of vertical planks with indentions and ridges referred to as beads. Their main highlights include deep, clean cuts as well as vertical beads that give a paneled or stripped effect. That explains why most homeowners consider them retro-designs. They come in two different varieties. There is the traditional tongue and groove board, then there is the simple beadboard panel. Unlike groove boards, simple beadboard panels give the kitchen a traditional yet warm farmhouse appeal.

Distressed Doors

It is harder to come across kitchen cabinets that mimic old cottage kitchen designs every day. So when you come across one, you know for sure you’re looking at a rare masterpiece. That is exactly what distressed kitchen cabinet doors do to a kitchen. Made from reclaimed material, they come complete with a kind of glaze that can easily make the kitchen feel lively instead of just another cooking space.  The best ones in the market feature engraved details that can add both allure and class to just about any kitchen.

Flat Doors

Newmarket Kitchen Design

Newmarket Kitchen Design

Think of them as simple doors that offer more than just value for money. Simple, as most custom kitchen designers in Aurora like saying, always wins.  Flat cabinet doors simply surpass the normal with simplicity. They boast of smooth, glossy finishes devoid of visible detailing.  The only visible details they exude are traces of wood grain in case of pure wood doors and a glossy surface in case of laminated doors. That can only mean one thing for a family with children or one where so many people access the kitchen throughout the day – they are very easy to clean. Simply wipe the stains off the door.

Frosted Glass Doors

Give your cutlery and dishes a hazy appearance by going for frosted cabinet doors. They are ideal for those who want to camouflage pans and pots. They also create a warm and fuzzy feel in the kitchen. That’s not all though. Most of them come along with aesthetically appealing details that range from flower themes all the way to sunny yellow sunrise and sunset themes.

Grill Style Cabinet Doors

This is exactly where wire mesh inspired kitchen cabinet doors come into the picture. The patterns and groove will give your kitchen an artistic appeal. Keep in mind though that wire mesh inspired kitchen cabinet doors require lots of maintenance so as to keep them looking new. There is an alternative though. Glass backed grill style cabinet doors step in as not just a more appealing alternative but one that is easier to maintain and easy to blend with a wide range of kitchen design themes.

Louvered Doors

You will easily fall in love with the horizontal slats on louvered kitchen cabinet doors. There is much more into the doors though than just the slats. They will keep your cabinet ventilated and keep that musty strong smell that sometimes comes from the kitchen. They can also accentuate the look for any kitchen design. Go for these doors if you have appliances that require a good amount of ventilation.

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