6 Must Have Kitchen Furniture And Add-Ons To Get After Kitchen Remodeling

January 2, 2015 Uncategorized

You may not know it but there is more into your kitchen than just the space you use to cook and sometimes dine. With a few alterations, you can easily transform your kitchen from just a cooking space to your homework station, comfy spot for chit chats with your loved ones or a corner for reflecting and crafting. Better yet, you can make it a little fortress of privacy and musings when things get tough. But over and beyond the aforementioned alterations, you have to make your kitchen ideal for cooking and eating.

It is after all, that place where you can grab cold pizza from your fridge or guzzle your cappuccino while you stand. You may not have realized it yet, but all these functions mean that your kitchen carries all sorts of things – ice, fire, food, sharp implements and all sorts of drinks. To come up with a kitchen that can offer you all these merits and more, you must take into account the following ideas and appliances either before or during a kitchen renovation project.


Island cook tops

Island cook tops have been featured in several home improvement magazines as the most essential kitchen features in modern times. They are ideal for kitchens that boast of ovens placed in different places. You only need to hire the right contractors to ensure your cook top is built well to form an island. That way, you can enjoy ample working space and some extra space for your amenities underneath the island cook top. Snuggly fitted cabinet pulls can also double as kitchen towel bars.

Drawer dishwasher

Drawer dishwashers are the perfect alternatives of regular dishwashers. You can also consider using sizeable dishwashers in addition to your normal, full size dishwashers. Keep in mind that dishwashers cannot just be placed anywhere as other appliances. Place it in its ‘own’ space away from other appliances. Consider placing it inside the store cupboard. Keep in mind too that you can enjoy its effectiveness well when you don’t have too many dishes to clean. In other words, always clean your dishes after use. Do not let them stay dirty for long and pile up on your sink.

Deep kitchen drawers

Deep kitchen drawers can allow you to access your big pans and pots with ease. Note that deep kitchen drawers are always custom made. Your housing plan may restrict you to go for some drawer measurements, so ensure first if you have the freedom to make drawer changes.

Stainless backsplash

Like island cook tops, stainless backsplashes have been featured in home improvement magazines as one of the most essential features of modern kitchens. As simple as it may look, a stainless backsplash is a classic yet functional and effective way of storing your cooking equipment. Remember that stainless backsplashes are also decorative. That means with one, you can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. So if by any chance you have a tender spot for shiny surfaces, you will certainly love the appearance of clean, crisp and reflective stainless steel accompanied by your new metal pots and pans.


For an economical and functional kitchen touch, go for a sizeable kitchen rack. You can have it placed below your cabinet or along a well. Use the rack to hang your assortment of frequently used cutlery and utensils. The aim is to help you stay organized and have easy access to what you need when cooking. The rack will also have a positive impact on the allure of your kitchen.

Trash bin

This is something everyone needs to have in their kitchen. Hygiene is extremely important in the kitchen. Convenience is vital here, so make sure you place your trash bin where you can easily access it. Also, ensure that the bin’s color complements your kitchen’s decor theme.

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