6 Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Doors That Are Unique For You To Use

January 2, 2015 Uncategorized

Your kitchen says a lot about you. It is more than just a cooking space. Everything therein should therefore embrace class and functionality. That is where your kitchen cabinets step into the limelight. They can easily enhance the look of your kitchen. But that depends on the kind of cabinets you will go for. Custom cabinets will go a long way to help you achieve your desired designs. The same cannot be said about conventional cabinets. Either way, you must take into account the type of cabinet doors that you choose. Read on to find out more on how custom cabinet doors can make a difference as far as your kitchen ambience and décor are concerned and the types of doors you may consider.


Beadboards feature a series of indentations or plain vertical plans known as beads. Vertical beads create a paneled effect thanks to their clean cut appearance. There are two main styles of beadboards.

• Grove boards

• Beadboard panels

Grove boards easily fit together, a feature that makes them popular for Do It Yourself home improvement and renovation projects. Beadboard panels on the other hand are less popular but more aesthetically appealing. They are designed to give you the archaic effect of your desired material.


Distressed cabinet doors

They are ideal for homeowners who wish for kitchens that can emanate an old cottage charm. The distressed doors can also give your home an antique look. Distressed doors can are mostly made from reclaimed material. That means they are extremely eco-friendly. They can give new kitchen furniture a distressed appearance by rubbing glazes into wood and sanding the surface.

Flat cabinet doors

They are ideal for homeowners who are much more into simple designs. They feature smooth finishes and simple locks. Their designs do not boast of visible details. The only details could be natural grain of wood and shiny surfaces in case of laminated doors. They are easy to clean and maintain. You can spice up your kitchen by mixing flat cabinet doors and frosted glass to give your cooking spaces a modernist appearance. Frosted glass, as you will find out is much better than clear glass in several ways. It hides cutlery by making whatever is behind it appear hazy. You can use the glass to camouflage you pans and pots.

Out of the box cabinet doors

They can allow you to toy with several ideas at once. The doors feature and artistic appeal, a feature that makes them unique and impressive. The patterns and grooves on out of the box cabinet doors are also numerous. That is why you cannot go wrong or run out of ideas with out of the box cabinet doors. You can match them with your kitchen paint and countertops with ease.

Glass front doors

They can give your kitchen a spacious and airy feel. That makes them ideal for highlighting and displaying artistic collections and pieces of dinnerware. Keep in mind that glass doors do little to hide clutter. You therefore have to take extra efforts to keep your cabinet clean and organized.

Other additions

Consider horizontal slats on your cabinet doors. They go a long way to ensure your cabinets are ventilated. The slats can also ensure your cabinet does not get the unpleasant musty smell synonymous with untidy cabinets. The slats are attractive and stylish, so you have nothing to lose by considering them. The slats can accentuate just about any cooking space. It is ideal for storing kitchenware that needs ventilation. Thermofoil cabinet doors area also ideal but they are hard to maintain. They are also a little bit costly.

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