A Guide for Successful Kitchen Remodel

July 17, 2020 Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchen remodelling projects can indeed be weary and tiresome where a group of strangers arrive at your home to invade your kitchen for making changes. Along with that, the renovation work brings all the noise and dust during the reconstruction of various areas of the kitchen.

You might not imagine your life without your kitchen for a few days and might have to visit the nearest cafes for food but that’s okay! It is all worth it because, after the renovation, you will be presented with a new kitchen that is way better than your old one.

Although many people opt for kitchen renovations, yet they do not receive the desired results. Often a time, some intricate detailing’s are messed up or left out that makes the kitchen renovations look incompleted. Therefore, we have come up with some tips for a successful kitchen remodelling that will restore your place and its value.

1) Determine a realistic budget-

Many people fantasize about the renovated kitchen but have no idea about the money associated with it for getting one. You might be watching reality shows on TV regarding kitchen renovations but believe such reality shows do not entirely reveal the costs. The best way to find and compare various projects is to visit different kitchen renovation sites where the contractors have published the costs and the type of material used.

2) Make functionality the priority-

Never sacrifice the functionality of your kitchen only to get the aesthetics. People usually spend a lot in making a place look elite; instead of making it more functional. Many a time people bid into getting an open space which makes no sense since the appliances are placed far from each other. An overly designed layout can hinder the usability of the food preparation area, making it challenging to cook and clean. Hence, go for a layout that will keep the work patterns simple.

3) Maximize storage options-

One of the main reasons for opting for the kitchen renovation is the storage issue. Everyone wants to maximize storage and it could be done by including cabinetry that uses most of the space, pantry racks, handy dividers for deep cabinets, mounting shelving units on blank wall space and stands for raw veggies, pots and pans. If possible, try to cover walls using ceiling touching cabinets.

4) Pick the right contractor-

Having the right kitchen renovator contractor can save you a lot of money on the project. People come to us with their horror stories of hiring a contractor who promised them the best kitchen only to disappear in between the project. Therefore, you need to find somebody who is experienced, professional and fulfil his commitment.

5) Set a payment schedule and get a warranty-

You never pay the entire money to the contractor at the beginning of the project. If your contractor asks for the money upfront for buying the material or anything, then your down payment should be less than 20 per cent. However, your contractor must come up with the schedule of payment to keep things transparent. Once you are about to make the final payment, ask him to give a written warranty for his work.


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