Benefits of Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinets

March 22, 2022 Kitchen and Bathrooms, Kitchen Renovations

If you’re planning to install new kitchen cabinets, you might be confused about how to choose the right cabinets. Kitchen cabinets serve a wide range of purposes, so it’s important to pick the right product. Cabinets are available in three types- stock, custom, and semi-custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are readily-available, standard-sized cabinets. These are ready-to-install and placed on shelves waiting for people to buy them. The second type is semi-custom cabinets that are partially built before they are ordered. These cabinets can be customized before installation a little bit because they have some unfinished elements. The third and most popular type is custom cabinets. This type of cabinetry is built on-site in your kitchen to fit your space perfectly. Most homeowners prefer custom cabinets because these are built to meet their specifications.

As the most essential component in any kitchen, cabinets keep your space organized and clean. Moreover, perfectly fitted cabinets also look great while making your kitchen more functional. For these reasons, it’s crucial to choose cabinets wisely when you plan a kitchen remodel. You may feel tempted to buy stock cabinets because these are less expensive. However, they do not provide the same quality and value as custom made kitchen cabinets. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider custom kitchen cabinets when remodeling your kitchen.

Tailor-Made to Fit Your Kitchen

Custom kitchen cabinets are built to perfectly your space- whether it’s an odd shape or too big or small. If you buy stock cabinets to save a few bucks, you may end up finding that those cabinets do not fit in your space properly. However, custom cabinets are made after taking your kitchen’s measurements to suit the size and style of your kitchen. The cabinet designer will visit your home to evaluate your kitchen and listen to your design preferences, functionality, and budget. You can think about adding features like built-in wine or spice racks, under cabinet lighting, charging stations, and much more.

You Pick the Materials & Style

Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the material of cabinets. You may either choose high-quality hardwood or any other affordable material. Customization also gives you the freedom to choose the style and finish you want. Unlike stock cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets can easily blend with the theme of your home.

Get More Storage Space

The biggest advantage of custom cabinets is that these allow you to have more storage space. Stock cabinets may not store all the items because these are made in standard sizes to fit the ‘average’ kitchen. As you know, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. The stock cabinets often leave blank space because they can’t fit in there. However, custom cabinets utilize every bit of space so that there’s no wasted area. These cabinets help you store more than stock cabinets would ever allow.

Excellent Craftsmanship

As compared to stock cabinets, custom cabinets are more durable and proven to last longer. This is because stock cabinets are manufactures in bulk on assembly lines with inexpensive glues and nails. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are crafted on your site with the best material that you’ve picked. These may cost a bit higher than stock cabinets but they will last longer.

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