Building Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs. Buying Kitchen Cabinets Off The Shelves

July 18, 2017 Uncategorized

Do you have a small budget and wondering whether to buy kitchen cabinets from the stores or build your own custom kitchen cabinets? This is a question that most new homeowners ask when looking to install new kitchen cabinets in their homes. Choosing between custom kitchen cabinetry in Aurora and store-bought cabinets is a major decision since this is an investment that can last even for decades. Before choosing between the two options, you need to consider the cost of installation for the two options. Let’s look at other factors you need to consider before making a choice on whether to go for the store-bought cabinets or custom kitchen cabinets.

Price points

Yes, buying kitchen cabinets from the store is relatively cheaper compared to building your own custom cabinets. However, you cannot compare the quality of store-bought cabinets with custom kitchen cabinets built from scratch. The materials used on store-bought cabinets are of lesser quality and the design options are minimal. If you are looking to install kitchen cabinets that will last a lifetime, you need to find an experienced contractor to create custom cabinets that will fit your kitchen space. Regardless the price, custom kitchen cabinets will increase your property value much more when compared to store-bought cabinets.

A perfect fit

Finding store-bought kitchen cabinets that fit your kitchen perfectly can be a daunting task. These cabinets are manufactured in bulk and although they vary in sizes, it is hard to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. You will find that most store-bought cabinets leave spaces after they are installed making your kitchen seem disorganized. On the other hand, custom kitchen cabinets are specifically measured according to your kitchen’s dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. A cabinet maker will use his experience to ensure that they utilize any available space in your kitchen to install cabinets.

Installation considerations

Before buying kitchen cabinets from a home improvement store, you need to consider the installation process. There are cabinets that you can buy and easily fit in your kitchen but then you need to have the experience to ensure you do a good job. If you cannot do the job yourself, that means you need to hire an experienced contractor to do the job for you, meaning extra costs. For custom kitchen cabinets, the cost of building and installation is usually rolled into the invoice. You will not have to worry about the quality of the finished work since you are guaranteed excellent end products.

Quality control

You will find that most store-bought kitchen cabinets are made from cheap materials like laminated particle board. With time, these cabinets start to lose their original look meaning, you may have to go back to the store and replace them. Custom kitchen cabinets on the other had are made of high quality materials such as hardwood. These cabinets are designed according to your taste and décor and they last a lifetime. Custom cabinets are also very easy to maintain compared to store-bought cabinets. You will find that store-bought cabinets are very sensitive to moisture and heat which affect the quality of the cabinets in the long run. Custom kitchen cabinets do not require special techniques when cleaning and maintaining.

Aesthetic appeal

Store-bought cabinets are manufactured in common designs found everywhere and they often lack uniqueness. You will find that the end-products are fitted with low quality hardware which affects the general look. For example, store-bought cabinets fitted with metal handles soon start fading or even worse, they start to rust which affects the whole cabinet. On the other hand, custom kitchen cabinets are fitted with the hardware of your choice to fit your kitchen’s décor. This greatly adds an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen which extends to the rest of your house.

Well, now you know the differences between building custom kitchen cabinets and buying kitchen cabinets from the stores, so make sure you think about their pros and cons before making a choice!

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