Cabinet Ideas For An Open Kitchen

July 18, 2017 Uncategorized

Open kitchen designs are becoming more popular, especially with homeowners with limited space. It can be difficult to combine a relaxing living space with a functional kitchen if you have limited space. Any design you choose for your open kitchen, automatically affects the entire decor of the whole space available. Cabinets occupy a bigger space in the kitchen and therefore, they affect the whole décor in this room. If you are looking for kitchen ideas in Newmarket for an open kitchen space, the following will help narrow down your choice for custom kitchen cabinets.

Go custom

Kitchen Cabinet

The only way to ensure you get the perfect kitchen cabinets that fit your entire décor is by using custom kitchen cabinets. A contractor will measure the space available and come up with unique kitchen cabinet ideas that will suit your home. The kind of cabinet design and cabinet material you choose will determine the cost of the project. Ensure that you come up with a budget you are comfortable with and let your contractor know. This will help you narrow down the materials you need to use.

Style choices

Kitchen cabinet styles which are simple and minimalist, such as doors without trim, are perfect for an open kitchen. These styles allow you to have as many cabinets as you need without using too much space. For those who prefer something more traditional, they can try styles like Shaker cabinets to start with. This design provides a subtle contrast to your living space.

Using colors

Use colors to create a clear distinction between the kitchen and the living area. You can choose to paint your kitchen cabinets with contrasting colors to achieve this. Most modern homes with open kitchen spaces, prefer to use different shades of gray to paint their cabinets. Gray can be combined with different color schemes to come up with unique décor around the house. You can choose to use complimentary colors such as orange and blue in your living area while at the same time, use light shades of gray and beige on your kitchen cabinet doors. If you prefer uniformity, use colors that complement each other.

Cabinet design

If your kitchen space is open to the family room, ensure that you come up with a kitchen cabinet design that impacts the entire space. If your cabinets are visible to the living area, choose concealed or simple hardware that blends in well with the color of the walls. You can ask a contractor to install large pull-out drawers and hidden storage cabinets to ensure that the kitchen area remains less cluttered.  The main objective of installing cabinets in an open kitchen is to ensure that the area remains clutter-free.

Selecting hardware

Select cabinetry hardware that complements your living area and the kitchen. You can opt for custom cabinets with concealed handles to create a contemporary look and feel. On the other hand, if you prefer handles on your kitchen cabinets, ensure that they match the décor in your living area. Choose handles and knobs that create a sense of unity within these two spaces.

Selecting materials

There are various materials one can choose from to create custom kitchen cabinets. Some of these materials include glass, wood, vinyl and metal just to mention a few. Ensure that you choose a cabinetry material that will suit your home’s décor. If you are not sure which cabinetry material will suit your home’s décor, seek advice from a professional contractor. The kind of material you choose will determine the entire look of your kitchen and living room. To come up with unique kitchen cabinets, ensure you work with an experienced contactor in your area.

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