How To Choose the Right Paint For Your Kitchen Cabinets

June 13, 2017 Uncategorized

Color can make or break your dream kitchen. It can either overwhelm the intended design hence ruining it or complement the design. Picking the right paint job for your kitchen can be challenging but achieving the perfect color hue can be possible. Color adds life and vibrancy to an otherwise dull kitchen.

Choosing kitchen cabinet colors is a personal affair and it will determine how you feel every time you step into the kitchen. Since cabinets are the focal point in the kitchen that take up a lot of space. They have to be painted in a color that you love and won’t get bored. Here are a few tips to consider when picking up the right color for your kitchen cabinets.

Let the kitchen design guide your way

The type of design theme you choose, whether it is classic, traditional, contemporary or modern will determine what paint color you use. Traditionally styled cabinets will look great covered in cream or white paints. These colors will permit you to try out pops of color like black and contrast elsewhere in the kitchen like the countertops or appliances.

If you decide to go with a more contemporary or modern design, contrasting tones and bright colors are your go-to guide. Pulsating reds, subdued greens, and luminous yellows are common with modern kitchen cabinets.

There are some colors that are classic and great to work with regardless of what design style you choose. For example, black is a good choice especially if you want to contrast it with a light-colored design. Greys and dark browns can also be used to form a visual distinction with light-colored designs.

Use color palettes from various paint manufacturers

Choosing a color tone for your cabinet is usually a personal affair that you should get right. The best way to choose a color palette is by looking at the different palettes that paint manufacturers have to offer and focus on the one you like best, like the one that feels your heart with warmth and puts a smile on your face. Once you get the main color, choose complementary colors and accents provided on the color wheel. Decide what tone and style you want those colors to embody and add finishing accordingly.

Let the kitchen’s surroundings guide what paint you will use

Cabinets are a focal point in the kitchen. They use a lot of space and require that you look at them on a daily basis. There are may colors that work on kitchen cabinets but finding the right one can be a tricky affair. Before you choose a hue that will throw the kitchen off, look at the other appliances in the room and what colors they have. Look at the walls, floor, and counters. If there is a lot of color in the room, go for neutral or white cabinets.

Examples of neutral colors include dark gray, gray, mixture of gray and beige. These colors help give the space an anchor and the freedom to incorporate more exciting colors through appliances and other kitchen accessories.

If your kitchen is already color-neutral, look for a vibrant shade to liven things up. For a pop of color, go for a lime green or a citrusy yellow. Bright greens like emerald, mint green do really well in a neutral colored kitchen.If your cabinets are darker colors like black or dark blue, dark green, keep the walls white or chose a very light color to balance things out.

Do you have many cabinets but don’t want to paint them all in one color? You could consider alternating between lighter colors and a bolder color to complement the colors in the room. You could also try color blocking. Choose one hue for one cabinet and a complementary one for another.

All in all, don’t be afraid to play with color. The right color done correctly will make you fall in love with your kitchen immensely. Be inspired by trending kitchen ideas in Newmarket, and your kitchen cabinets will be truly a sight to behold!

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