Choosing Between Stock And Custom Cabinet Renovation Solutions

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Kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest highlights of the kitchen, and any time you are about to do a renovation, you will find yourself asking quite a number of questions concerning them. If you are in a country setup, there are varied numbers of traditional kitchen cabinetry you can pick from. As for the contemporary setup found in the cities, a sleeker, modern version of cabinets will do just fine.

Whatever you choose from must match the kitchen floor, the tiling, wall d├ęcor and the general ambience of the kitchen. When choosing what to place as a cabinet, many are torn between stock cabinets and custom cabinets.

To a large extent, the choice you make between the two will affect the finished outlook as well as the cost of the renovation. It goes without saying therefore, that you must be aware of what you are getting into while making a choice between the two. But what are the differences?

Stock cabinets

While many people assume stock cabinets to be those that you pick from a shelf to install in the kitchen, this notion can be misleading. Yes there are certain components of the stock cabinets that are off-the-shelf, but one needs to generally place an order giving specifications, mostly in terms of size, and wait for the finished product to come in.

Most of the work is done beforehand, pre-manufactured using standard sizes with a divisibility of three inches lengths. The width commonly begins from 9 inches, moving up in 3-inch sizes to around 48 inches. The height can run from 30 inches to 33 inches. Melamine and plywood are common materials used in constructing these cabinets.

Custom cabinets

As the name suggests, custom cabinets are built according to the specifications of the homeowner. The owner chooses the type of material he desires, he chooses the finishing that goes well with the general kitchen layout as well as the size specifications of the cabinets. They run along the kitchen wall, despite any corners or odd edges they encounter on the way.

As for the materials used for custom cabinets, the owner does have the right to choose from a varied number of options, though one can use the same materials used in making stock cabinets. Solid wood is a favorite for many consumers, as they provide durability, and the flexibility of changing them in the future.

Pros and cons of stock cabinets

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Any time you are choosing cabinetry, you are advised to consider the remodeling needs that you want to achieve. Here, you will be focusing mostly on your budget allocation, your desired finishing and the outlook of the kitchen. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of stock cabinets.

It is quite easy to build them. In fact, all you need are the specifications of the length and breadth and height to an approximate figure. They are also available in many locations and the professionals in charge of manufacture and installation can be easily found. The material is also available in a wide range of finishes and you can also choose from a wide range of colors. When one of the components needs replacement, then you can do it quite fast and with very little expense.

The cons you will soon encounter with these types of cabinetry are that they are limiting when it comes to size specifications. As earlier stated, you will only find them in 3-inch increments in the stores. Your style designs are also limited. You can only come up with designs that are offered in the catalogues available in a certain store. The materials are also of lower quality, meaning that when it comes to refinishing, the owner is left with little choice. The lifespan is also questionable. Most installations will have to include a lot of filler material because of the standardization of the materials.

Pros and cons of custom cabinets

While there is a general scare about the budget size tagged along custom cabinets, it is good to have a look at some of the advantages that they come with. First, as you have already figured, they can be built to fit any kind of kitchen design to the finest bit. The joints, materials and finishes are of higher quality. In addition, its appearance can be customized to any kind of specification in terms of texture, color material and additional equipment.

With customized cabinets, it is much easier to attach glass, handles and other forms of drawer pulls on them. Since they do not come in specific sizes, they are easily made to have larger internal spaces with fewer partitions, making it easier to have larger utensils and appliances fit in the cabinets. Finally, you, of course by now, have also figured that the lifespan is far above that of stock cabinets.

When you are going for custom kitchen renovation in Newmarket, you might realize that you are not able to find an ideal cabinet maker for custom cabinets. This is because capable cabinet makers are not as easy as you would have imagined to find. Therefore, the biggest disadvantage about custom cabinet is the difficulty in finding the right provider. In addition, custom cabinets are more expensive to procure than stock cabinets.

Now that you know the difference between stock cabinets and custom cabinets, you will be in a better position to make your decision. Good luck and enjoy your kitchen renovation project!

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