Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

March 27, 2021 Kitchen Renovations

Designing your dream kitchen is an exciting endeavour but often the end result is not what you expected. Sometimes, homeowners fail to get the desired outcome of their kitchen renovation project because of some common mistakes. Kitchen renovation or remodel is not a small task. It involves a great deal of planning and making the right choices. From selecting kitchen cabinetry and islands to appliances, flooring, lighting, and backsplash, one single wrong choice can have lasting consequences. The overall looks and functionality of your kitchen depend on carefully selecting every element of the space. Besides choosing functional elements, the overall kitchen design should also perfectly blend with the rest of your house. Sound intimidating?

Kitchen remodel is a significant undertaking and the choices like kitchen theme, design, color, and more entirely depend on your taste. You are free to choose everything according to your preferences and lifestyle. However, to ensure that the overall project is a success, we can guide to avoid some common mistakes. In this post, we have listed some mistakes that can derail your kitchen renovation project and waste all your time, money, and effort. By avoiding the following mistakes you can easily create a stunning yet functional kitchen that your family will cherish for years.

Mistake 1: Neglecting Your Household’s Personal Needs

You saw a kitchen design in the magazine that love fell in love with. Now, you want to redesign your kitchen exactly the same. There is nothing wrong with copying the same design. However, every family has unique needs. Maybe, the design you love has very little cabinetry that would not satisfy your storage needs. So, when remodeling your kitchen, consider both the design and your personal needs in mind. Make a list of things you need in your new kitchen and make sure that everything is placed in an organized, laid-out manner.

Mistake 2: Avoiding the Minor yet Impactful Details

Most homeowners focus on the main elements of the kitchen like custom kitchen cabinets, appliances, floor, countertop, and more. However, your kitchen has many other small yet important elements also such as the ceiling, lighting, plumbing, ventilation, sink, and much more. You need to carefully pick each element to create the look you want. Also, avoiding important details like plumbing, ventilation, and energy-efficient appliances can cost you more in the long-run. The efficiency of your kitchen depends on these factors, so always take time to make the right decisions.  The wrong placement of the island sink could cause crowding. Also, lighting not only works as a decorative item. If used correctly, lighting can help in giving a sense of more space in smaller kitchens.

Mistake 3: Setting Unrealistic Budget

Kitchen renovation is not a low-cost project. Unless you decide to only a few minor adjustments or choose inferior quality products, this project can take a lot of money. Upgrading your kitchen not only improves your comfort but also increases the value of your house. Most homeowners make the mistake of under-budgeting this project.  This results in overspending in the initial stage and then realizes later that you’ve got nothing left to spend on the other more important things. So, always consult a reliable kitchen renovation contractor to discuss the cost of your project and set the budget accordingly.

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