How To Create A Child-Friendly Kitchen

February 13, 2017 Uncategorized

Children love being around kitchens, and as children are very curious, they may want to help around the kitchen. The kitchen poses a lot of danger if children are left unsupervised, and with this in mind, you will definitely want to make your kitchen as safe as possible for them. There are several ways which you can make your kitchen child-friendly to help ease their learning process.

Minimize the risk of slips and falls

A young child’s attention span is very short, and it is very easy for a child to forget he is sitting or standing on a tall stool or chair. They are very fond of climbing on objects while trying to reach for items, and it is crucial that you never turn your back on a child standing or seating on a tall stool. If you need to place them on a seat, place them on a child-friendly high chair to prevent accidents.

Children also love running around and it’s imperative that you keep your kitchen floor free of liquids and grease. Wipe off any spills immediately as they are a potential hazard for young children. If you have any rugs for a tiled floor, make sure they are non-slip, and do not under any circumstance allow a baby walker into the kitchen. Make sure any cords are secure and kept away from the floor as they can easily trip a child and cause an accident.

Minimize the risk of burns and scalds

For a young child, the kitchen is a mine field full of danger and there is so much that can cause burns. Microwaves, ovens, hot pans and hot liquids are all potential hazards. Make sure your child knows not to touch hot appliances like the oven, and better yet, never leave a child in the kitchen unsupervised.

Make sure the panhandles face away from where you are standing; it is easy to pass and tug the pan handle with your clothes, the hot contents pouring on the child. In the same breath, always make sure you have no table mats that the child might tug on and the hot contents pour on them. It sends a conflicting message to children when you allow them to play with pots and pans, and then tell them not to touch them because they are hot. They need to know they should not play with the pots, whether hot or not.

Minimize the risk of ingesting poison and choking

Ingesting poison and choking are among the most common causes of kitchen fatalities. Children are always putting things in their mouths and small pieces may accidentally get lodged in their throats. Make sure there are no small items lying around the kitchen, and any that fall to the floor are picked up, such as nuts or popcorns. Chemicals and cleansing liquids should be kept out of reach of young children to prevent them from ingesting them.

Buy cleansers that are non- toxic, just to be on the safe side. All medicine should be kept away from their inquisitive eyes, and if possible, always ask for prescription bottles that are child resistant. Having young children requires you have such items under lock and key, and cabinets come in handy at such times. Custom kitchen cabinetry in Aurora is readily available and a major consideration if you have young children. If your old cabinets do not provide the safety you need, then this is definitely a consideration

Keep all sharp objects away

Keep all sharp items such as knives, scissors and other sharp tools away from the children’s reach. In the event that you want to teach your child how to cook, start early on with safety education and play set utensils, then gradually teach kitchen basics. Young children need constant supervision and it is a well-known fact that prevention is always better than cure!

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