Customizing Your Own Kitchen Cabinet

September 15, 2014 Uncategorized


It is no surprise that some people have chosen to custom-make their own cabinets because they are of better quality and appeal better to individual preferences. A customized kitchen cabinet can last you for a longer time and have you feel more comfortable using it. It is also tailor-made to fit your visual and practical criteria.

But before you decide on anything, what are some of the things you should look out for in customizing your own kitchen cabinet? What should you take note of so that you do not sacrifice style for practicality and conversely, practicality for style? Some of the points below highlight certain features in kitchen cabinets that you might want to consider.

Getting the right measurements

It is crucial to obtain the right measurements for your potential kitchen cabinet. You might want to have a cabinet that is of a different size to your current one. If that is the case, be sure to highlight it to your contractor. Many a times, it would be good if you can repeat your preferences to your contractor, because they may forget it in the hectic renovation process.

Check for narrow corners or areas in the walls where it would not be wise to fit your cabinet in. It is important to look out for any irregular shapes or protrusions in walls that might hinder you or your contractor in getting the correct measurements. Be sure to do it a few times so as to make sure your measurements are right.

Choosing a theme

This is not compulsory, but there are people who can only work on something only when they have a theme in mind. You could look around your own home or visit a friend’s house to gather some interior design ideas. Alternatively, if you are not afraid to be launched into a deeper dilemma, you can flip through interior design magazines or search online. Often, there are too many ideas on the Internet and in publications that may make you more lost than before. However, dilemmas and troubles are part and parcel of undergoing a revamp, so you would have to stick through it!

Pick a theme that you like and base your decisions around it. For instance, if you like a country theme, let your contractor know and you can then proceed to choose the kind of wood that suits that concept. Informing the professionals about your preferred theme will also make it easier for them to help you make better choices.

Picking a style

You would have to pick a color for your kitchen cabinets whether or not you have a theme in mind. If you like to be on the safe side, choosing wood and neutral colors is a good way to go. However, if you prefer more modern or loud colors, ask your designer to try and make warmer and brighter colors fit with your kitchen. There are many shades which you can choose from when customizing your kitchen cabinet, so you have to bear in mind that the color you decide on will complement the interior.

As for wood, it would be useful to note that they may not be exactly the same as that on the sample. Furthermore, having it undergo a finish will probably make it a little darker.

You can also choose the finishes for your cabinet, all of which comes in different colors. They differ from the kind of lacquer or stains that are used, and some may be glossy or matte. If you do not like fingerprints to show too obviously, going for matte would be a safe choice.

Other add-ons

You have chosen everything to your taste – be sure to pick a handle that complements the rest of your cabinet! It would not be good to have it ruined just because of a handle that looks out of place.

Nowadays, you can have the option of installing soft closing mechanisms in your cabinets as well. These prevent your cabinet from getting damaged from the constant slamming of your cabinet doors. They are good investments especially if you want your kitchen cabinets to be well-maintained for many years to come.

With the above considerations, you should be able to better decide on the kind of kitchen cabinet that you want. The process is usually troublesome and tedious, but you would have to bear with it, for it is the only way you can achieve the look you want for your new kitchen!

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