Dekton – A New Countertop Material Coming to Canada

September 19, 2018 Uncategorized


This has got to be the most revolutionary product to be used for solid kitchen counters!

Like quartz in that it is a solid surface BUT

The most scratch and heat resistant material on the market! Actually used for a variety of purposes. In Europe for fences because graffiti can just be washed off!

So far only available in Canada in 2 cm thickness, so not able to have a built up edge …… but a great modern look with a mitred or straight edge.  And the rumour is that a 3 cm thickness will be available in the future!

Currently the colour does not go all the way through, so you are going to see a different colour around the lip edge of the sink and counter edges – it’s a contemporary look (see pic of counter with sink below – notice the sink lip edge is greyish white without the veining going through), but they will be introducing material where the colour of the surface will go through the whole slab – and to some that means a look more pleasing to their eye.  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

We are very excited about Dekton and will have it in our showroom shortly!


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