Designing A Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen

July 10, 2015 Uncategorized

Every room of the house depicts the story of the homeowners who live there and the kitchen is no different. When designing a kitchen, it is really important that you pay special attention to the needs and requirements of all the members of the house. If your grandparents or any physically challenged person is living with you, you might be interested in having a wheelchair accessible kitchen in your home. This is done to make it easy for them to move around in the house easily and above all independently.

There are some kitchen design companies that have both expertise and experience in designing such types of kitchen to perfection. They can come up with great ideas and designs and you will be surprised to see how well they have catered your needs and have created a completely modified, functional and wheelchair accessible kitchen.

The core aim of designing wheelchair accessible kitchen is to remove all sorts of obstacles and to provide an easy access to cabinets, appliances, and counters and sinks allowing sufficient turning room for a smooth transition to adjoining areas like dining area, media and beverage bar. By paying attention to all these areas, you will be basically making an effort in promoting an independent living. Any sort of disability should not prevent somebody who loves to cook from continuing his passion. Here are some key components of a wheelchair accessible kitchen:

Wheelchair accessible cooktops

There are many manufacturers who are offering wheelchair accessible cooktops in both electric and gas option. These cooktops are special because they are lower for easy access. The designers generally install cabinet doors underneath so that the person on a wheelchair can store his frequently used items there. You may consider having a motorized cooktop that can be lowered o raised in order to accommodate both the person on wheelchair and other family members.

Wheelchair accessible sinks


The wheelchair accessible sinks are a slightly modified form of conventional sinks and are readily available in the market. The best part about these sinks is that they can easily be used by people of all abilities as well. In most cases, a motorized sink is installed that be raised or lowered to accommodate the user. The basin is shallow so that a person sitting on a wheelchair or standing can use it easily. Special attention is given to the drain area and is placed in the rear so that the wheelchair can easily roll in underneath and is not obstructed by the piping.

Furthermore, special insulated pipes are used to prevent scalding. Single lever faucets are mandatory in wheelchair accessible sinks. This offers ease to the users when they are rinsing food. You can also have sliding drawers on both sides of the sink for easy storage. You can keep your cleaning products there use them whenever needed.

Wheelchair accessible cabinets and countertops

The countertops can only be useful for a person on wheelchair if they are at a proper height. The experts recommend keeping the countertop height between twenty eight inches to thirty four inches. The ideal and preferred height is thirty two inches. Special space is required for knees, which is estimated to be twenty four inches in height from the floor and thirty inches in width. When it comes to cabinets, it can be either mounted or lowered to be closer to the countertop. It must comprise of pull-out cutting boards, roll-out or slide-out shelves or baskets and drawers with full extension glides.

The countertops and cabinets can also be motorized to rise and lower to accommodate everybody in the house. In case you are planning to renovate your home and love your cabinets, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily install a motor behind them without causing any sort of damage.

Apart from the above changes, you can do the following to make a physically challenged person feel comfortable in your home:

•    Ensure easy access to microwave for swift thawing and reheating.

•    There should be better visibility and access into the sink. This is done to avoid grabbing broken or sharp items.

•    You can make the kitchen safe by avoiding hazards from pots that are hard to see or clothing too close to burners.

•    The shelves should be pulled down to allow easy restocking.

•    Install light switches on both sides of the door. This is to accommodate people who suffer from paralysis. Furthermore, the outlets and switches should be moved to a height that can be easily accessed from a wheel chair.

When going for custom kitchen renovation in Newmarket, make sure you hire a reputable company. If you go for one that has a strong market standing for several years, you will be able to get hundreds of designs to choose from. They can even assist you choosing the right style for your kitchen and above all, making full customizations such as those needed in a wheelchair accessible kitchen.

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