Designing Kitchen on a Budget: Consider Phase Approach

May 14, 2020 Kitchen and Bathrooms

Considering the remodelling task for your kitchen can be daunting since a lot of work is associated with the project. But once the messy work is completed, the outcome can add to the significant value of your house and the quality of life. Many people will not agree with the idea of renovating the kitchen all at once since it may not seem financially feasible to them. This is why one can take the road of a phased approach to renovate their kitchen.


When it comes to the phased approach for kitchen renovations, five components are associated with it, namely, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, appliances and the overall plan. All these components could be changed and assimilated in the kitchen renovation over a stretch of time depending upon the schedule and budget. This makes it easy for the customers to divide the project and get the work done in a couple of months.


Breaking the kitchen renovation project into several stages, relieves customers of the unwanted stress that can come along when you are contemplating to renovate the entire kitchen at once. Customers usually get motivated when they see a part of their kitchen being converted into a more functional and attractive place. It takes strategic planning; therefore, here are some points that will help you gain knowledge about phased approach kitchen remodelling-


1) List five essential kitchen needs and wants-


To start with the phased approach for kitchen renovations, pen down your creative ideas that you want to incorporate in your plan and set your focus on the five areas that need most of your attention. Besides, you must hire kitchen renovation contractors who will implement the work for you. Once you have chosen a designer and negotiated the price, you can begin setting a tentative schedule.


2) Improve the cabinetry-


The cabinet update will have the biggest impact on your kitchen; therefore, it requires most of your attention. Cabinets could be the most expensive feature in your kitchen renovations so you must select the right cabinet color and style that blends with the rest of the furnishings.


If your existing cabinets are in good shape, then go for cabinet resurfacing which is cost-effective and can provide a newer edge to your kitchen in no time.


Besides, cabinets are available in a variety of material such as hardwood, laminate, PVC, stainless steel etc. which are sturdy enough to take the pressure from solid countertops. You must hire a professional cabinet installer who can assess the structure before fitting your cabinets.


3) Install countertops-


Once you are done with the cabinets, the next phase is to install countertops. If you are high on a budget, then installing natural and engineered countertops can create a chic look since they are trendy and in demand. Otherwise, solid surface and modern laminate countertops options are affordable and look equally appealing. Both types of countertops are available in various textures and colours to match your kitchen decor.


4) Upgrade your appliance-


This part could be optional or may be implemented in various stages. You may replace old appliances one-by-one when you find the need for them to be replaced. Appliance upgrades that involve stove, ovens, refrigerator and dishwashers could be incorporated into long-term plans and will not be changed for many years.


5) Putting down new flooring-


Floors can be replaced any time of the phased approach remodelling. Moreover, floor should be only changed when damaged extremely or there is the need to change it. Flooring is available in various material ranging from hardwood floors, laminate floors to vinyl flooring. Select durable and easy to maintain flooring that will go longer.




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