Details You Should Not Neglect When Dealing With Custom Cabinetry

May 23, 2016 Uncategorized

Customizing your home, the kitchen especially, is not an easy task. Among everything else, choosing cabinetry might prove to be the most difficult part. The dead-on kitchen cabinet piece will not only aid in refreshing but also adding appeal to your kitchen’s flair. This is applicable whether you just want new cabinets or simply a face-lift of the previously used cabinets. For true style, here are details you can integrate when customizing your kitchen:

• Hardware should complement the design

Before choosing your custom kitchen cabinetry in East Gwillimbury or anywhere else in the world, this one fact remains. You cannot do it unless you know the design you want for your kitchen. As a matter of fact, most designers, if not all, categorize all their hardware by different designs. This makes your work easier especially if you are open to a variety of options. Browsing for these options helps you to narrow down on them.

• Knobs and pulls or simply both?

Whichever hardware type you opt for; the final look is unique in its own way. Knobs when compared to pulls are less expensive. Moreover, for them to be installed, only one hole is required into your cabinetry. For the cabinet doors, a single knob can do unlike in drawers where you will be required to install two knobs. The second knob is necessary since the drawers in comparison to doors are heavier.

However, the lesser the knobs, the more appealing your cabinets will be. Pulls bring out a modern or transitional look. They work best with heavy drawers especially for those people with limited strength, for example, the aging folks. However, you can always work with both. Most people who work with both install knobs on the cabinet doors and pulls on the drawers. The mixing and the matching part of it is left to you. We are all different and therefore have liking for different things.

• Adding contrast to your cabinetry

kitchen cabinetry

For cabinetry that is lightly coloured, then dark finishes will work best. If the cabinetry is dark coloured, go for lighter finishes. Most cabinet hardware compliments the cabinet hinges, faucets or fixtures within sight.

• Size of hardware

The size of the hardware you pick should work best with the cabinetry. If your cabinet has large drawers meant for the storage of pots or any big items, then the pulls used for instance should be longer. If you are using knobs, then make sure that the diameter is larger. Standard cabinetry works with appliances of standard size.

The common standard pull sizes are 3’’, 4’’, 96mm and 128mm. If the cabinetry you are working with is pre-drilled, make sure that you take measurements of the hole for the sake of the centre to centre sizes. Anyone who is shopping for their hardware should know this key dimension. Since most dimensions are in millimetres, always convert the inches before going for shopping.

• Consider your budget

By now, you should have considered all the hardware you want to be working with in terms of type, size, style or finish. What is left is the budget. Counting the appliances and working with estimates in terms of prices will help you to come up with a budget. Different manufacturers work with varying prices and quality. This works to your advantage since you will have choices to choose from to suit your budget.

• Place of purchase

Before you can purchase anything, you need to know exactly where you will be purchasing from. Having determined the hardware sizes, design style, finishes preference and the budget to work with, you now need to make your way to the store or your designer so that you get to familiarize yourself with the hardware you opted for. Specialty showrooms come in handy especially if the number of options to choose from is large.

Here, the choices are categorized and you are offered expert assistance to see to it that you are not overwhelmed. The best alternative to determine if a given hardware style is right for you, is to use a sample on the cabinetry. This allows you a preview of your hardware before even drilling any holes.

• Making the order

That said, everything is now in place and all that is left is for you to make your order. When placing your order, make sure you do it with a company whose name speaks volumes about it. Get to find out more about their warranty policies and see if you can make do with them before you place any order.

Following the above guidelines will help you with your planning and organisation no matter how overwhelming it might be. Get your kitchen to perfection just like you’ve been dreaming of, and live a stress-free kitchen life by making your dreams a reality today!

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