Exploring A Kitchen That’s Fit For A Modern Bachelor Pad

August 21, 2014 Uncategorized

Do you have an old kitchen that is totally outdated? Consider giving it a makeover for it to become a little more ‘animated’. The problem with most males, who live alone, is that they do not pay much attention to the aesthetic appeal of their living space. Instead, having a place that is either comfortable to live in or to work in is enough for most of them.

A cramped space is never a valid excuse for not beautifying it. The area that suffers the most is probably one’s kitchen. Plain walls, broken cabinets and dull interiors are the first things that come to mind. However, you do not need to worry just yet! With just a few quick tips, you can transform your boring kitchen into a funky and functional space!

The color of your kitchen cabinets


Make sure the cabinets pick up on the main colors of your interior. For example, wooden posts and beams throughout the house for structural support, helps you decide on the color of your kitchen cabinets. Since you are going for a design that’s fit for a bachelor pad, sleek and modern colors such as matte white are cool choices without going overboard.

Centre island with cook top

As opposed to traditional stoves that are fixed to your walls, try installing a new island in the centre of your kitchen. This gives it a modern feel as most modern homes are designed this way. Top it off with a Quartz countertop for a sense of refinement and to contrast all the elements in the kitchen. Accents of silver throughout your cookware also gives off that factory feel, if you want to go for a more masculine outlook.

Sink and faucet

Go for creative and unusual selections such as an Ondus Digitecture Wall Fixable Faucet that comes with touchpad controls, holders for soaps and cups, and even a digital temperature display! If you want something special, try installing faucet lights – the ones with a blue and red light source – watch them change colors accordingly to the temperature. For the basin, just choose one that’s practical and big enough to chug all your used pots and dishes in one go.

Essential kitchen tools

You will need some basic equipment in your kitchen to call it complete. Most of the equipment at commercial grade isn’t expensive and you can get them without burning a hole in your pocket. Without further ado, here’s a sample list of what you need to get: Quality knives and a sharpening slab, cooking pots and pans, glass bowls, cutting board, measuring cups and spoons, corkscrew, tongs, ladle and all the other basic cutleries that you need on a daily basis.

I would suggest that you browse through several home improvement magazines to get a clearer picture of the things you want to include. Make sure you follow your heart and not just what you see or hear. Different people have different tastes and yours might not be the same from a particular source. Consult a kitchen design expert to customize a plan that best suits your needs as a bachelor!

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