Five Ways to Get Inspiration For Your New Kitchen

March 12, 2014 Uncategorized


If you are thinking about remodelling your kitchen, or if you just want to make some small alterations to update your kitchen’s decor, then it is a good idea to first get some inspiration. Inspiration will help to give you some new ideas for themes, fittings, colors, countertops and appliances for your kitchen. This article takes a look at five popular ways that you can find inspiration for your dream kitchen.


One of the easiest ways to search for inspiration is to take a look online. You can use special keywords to search for images of kitchens, such as ‘open plan designer kitchens’ or ‘stylish kitchen features’. You can also use special imaging sites, such as Pinterest, to search and pin photos that you like the look of so that you can refer back to them when you are designing your kitchen.

Design Magazines

Another simple way to get inspired is to purchase several home design magazines. These magazines will feature beautiful images of modern and stylishly designed kitchens. They also contain a lot of information and tips that will help you to successfully plan and create your dream kitchen. If you are feeling creative then you can also cut out images and use them to make a moodboard. A moodboard will provide you with a visual overview of the general theme that you are trying to create in your kitchen.

Home Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Home design shows and exhibitions are a great way to get some extra inspiration, plus they will provide you with a fun day out. Designers will use the shows to showcase their latest designs and trends of the moment, and you can also pick up information from retailers who sell kitchen appliances and features. You can find tradeshows that are on in your area by searching for them online.

Kitchen Showrooms

You can also take a quick visit to a local kitchen retailer store. They will often have showrooms which feature their latest products and fittings for your kitchen. These will help to get your creative juices flowing and possibly give you some new ideas for your own kitchen.

Friends, Family and Commercial Kitchens

Finally, you can take a look in your friend’s and family’s kitchens to see if there is anything you like that you could incorporate into your own kitchen. Take a look at their kitchen lighting, flooring, countertops and accessories to get new ideas and inspiration. You can even get inspiration from commercial kitchens – either by visiting them in person or by looking at images of them. There are now a range of fittings that were once designed for commercial kitchens, but they can now be used in home kitchens. This can include things like glass fronted fridges and wall taps.

Follow the above tips and you will be sure to get some brilliant new inspiration. If you are feeling stuck then you can also hire the help of an interior designer, as they will be able to help to turn your kitchen dream into a reality. Good luck.

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