Hiring a Kitchen Renovation Contractor Does Not Have to Be Overwhelming

May 9, 2018 Uncategorized

At Pay Less Kitchens we only use top quality cabinetry made in Canada.  Our supplier, Cabico is one of the largest custom kitchen manufacturers in North America.  With over 25 years in the industry, they are unique in that they custom build each cabinet exactly as designed per order.  This allows us to design our cabinetry, exactly how you want it (as long as the construction is stable) without size restraints.  They use only the highest quality soft closing hardware for doors and drawers on their Unique Line. For more information see their website  www.cabico.com

Sometimes the hiring of a kitchen contractor can be an overwhelming task.  We highly suggest doing your homework when you check out the kitchen contractor candidates.  With a simple Google search, it becomes easier for you as the consumer, to see what clients are saying about their experience with companies.  If there are no Google reviews, it is likely that the company has opted to not allow reviews since they cannot control what customers are saying about them.  Having high ratings should not be the only criteria. Special attention should be giving to reading the most current reviews to see if they are from real paying customers sharing their experience of work being done.

Lastly, ask questions regarding the product

  • are you getting what you are expecting?
  • Do you want wood doors stained or painted – be careful that you are not being sold something different, it’s an unpleasant surprise to find out your white painted kitchen isn’t paint but a thermofoil that can peel off when exposed to heat or light.
  • Will the finishes hold up over time with normal use – Cabico not only paints but bakes their paint finishes on – producing a very hard finish that will not chip easily.

What about your health

does the cabinetry not only look beautiful and function well, but also use low formaldehyde emission materials – Cabico uses low emission materials that exceeds existing standards.

What about the warranty

is there one, how many years?  Cabico offers a lifetime limited warranty on their products, our partnership with them allows us to build kitchens to last a lifetime!

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