How Far In Advance to Book a Kitchen Renovation Start Date

July 13, 2018 Uncategorized
Kitchen Cabinets Newmarket

Kitchen Cabinets Newmarket

How far in advance of your ideal reno start date should you contact a kitchen contractor?  Ideally, you will want to book a kitchen showroom consult three to six months ahead of when you will actually want to start the renovation.  With the return of warm weather, thoughts turn to home improvements – unfortunately so does everyone else. So much so, that when you think you have lots of time to inquire about booking a kitchen renovation start time, you may find everyone else had the same plan and may have already booked up the time-frame you desired.

Google kitchen cabinets in your area, look and read google reviews to determine reputable kitchen contractors who provide quality product, service and honour budget (in other words they don’t start robbing you blind with “not included items” after you put your deposit down) – then you should inquire how far in advance you need to book the project start date. This will vary throughout the year due to projects already booked with the kitchen contractor and their supply turn around times – especially when it comes to custom kitchens. Custom kitchens means it’s going to to built for you and is not just sitting on a shelf waiting to be picked.

Turn around times can vary a lot from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to even six months if you are looking at a “hot time” for kitchen renovations – generally summer and fall are overly booked times of the year for kitchen contractors.

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