How To Choose The Perfect Remodeling Firm For Your Kitchen Remodel

September 13, 2013 Uncategorized

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you may be aware that a decent job could cost anywhere up to 5 per cent of your home’s appraised value. Up to 40 per cent of that figure may be taken up by the cost of new kitchen cabinets. Therefore, before making a large financial commitment it is worth investigating whether a remodeling firm would help you save money.

Why Hire A Remodeling Firm?

A kitchen remodeling project will require many different tradesmen and many homeowners aren’t confident is arranging this by themselves. Often unsure of the types of permits required for plumbing, electrical and construction work, it can bring peace of mind to outsource the remodel to a firm that offers a full renovation service. That firm will make sure that all work is carried out with the correct permits and that your home is fully insured during construction. A remodeling firm can bring together the plumbers, electricians and craftsmen to work seamlessly to a tight deadline, with the upmost attention to detail. Here are three key questions to ask a firm in order to decide whether they can help you.

#1: Can I View Your Portfolio?

A reputable kitchen remodeling firm will have built up a long reputation of supplying satisfied home owners with their dream kitchens. They will have no qualms about showing you their extensive portfolio of completed kitchens or letting you contact a few of their willing customers for referrals. Busy firms may even let you view kitchens under construction in your area.

#2: Do You Sacrifice Quality For Price?

Many remodeling firms drive down their quotes by substituting options such as custom cabinetry for cheaper, lower-end solutions. A good example of this would be the dearth of companies offering refacing. Although refacing gives you brand new cupboard doors and drawer faces with new hardware, it does nothing to address the underlying condition of the existing cabinet frames and issues such as warping and cracking. A reputable remodeling firm would never seek to cut corners with this technique. The key to finding high-quality cabinetry at the best prices is to find a firm that keeps their overheads low and passes these savings onto their customers through lower prices.

#3: Will You Install The Countertop As Well As The Cabinets?


Many homeowners only agree to spend such as high percentage of their home’s value on a kitchen remodel because they expect significant returns. In actual fact, remodels only add value if they are well designed and properly constructed. One of the hardest parts of a remodel is getting the kitchen to ‘look right’ and blend together so that all the different parts create a pleasing visual and aesthetic appeal. It’s therefore a great idea if the remodeling company you choose not only handles the custom cabinetry but provide the countertop as well. This almost guarantees you a decent design that ensures the countertop compliments the cabinet material. A firm with experience of both these areas will be able to give you the best design and the most valuable remodel.

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