How To Do A Kitchen Cabinet Inspection Before The Big Renovation

March 22, 2016 Uncategorized

If you have recently come to the knowledge that you have existing kitchen cabinet problems, you may consider a kitchen remodeling project depending on the gravity of the situation. Well, before making the big step, knowing a thing or two about the common defects in the kitchen will help you make the right choice. If there are any cabinet problems that can be easily fixed, you may not require intense kitchen remodeling. However, for the following issues, you definitely need to get in touch with a professional kitchen contractor to help you with remodeling:

Wall-mounted cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets make the kitchen look great. They provide storage in a convenient way. However, if these cabinets are loose, they may have very serious consequences. Therefore, it is paramount to inspect them from time to time. When inspecting the cabinets, you need to be very cautious before pulling or touching them. Since the cabinets are the place where you store your kitchen valuables, you need to ensure that the joints are in perfect shape. There should also be great support for the shelves. Look out for signs such as cabinets that are out of plumb, fewer interior fasteners and empty cabinets at home among others. If any of these problems exists, you can call in a contractor.

Moldy cabinets


The cabinets add aesthetic value to the kitchen. However, molds can be a menace to the beauty of your kitchen especially if you let things get a little out of hand. In that case, when you see a small moldy patch anywhere on your cabinet base, you need to take cautionary steps to deal with the matter promptly.

This is because the molds are likely to lead to health hazards at home and also cause damage to particleboard cabinets. Cabinet molds result from water leakages in the house. Therefore, when you notice molds growing in the kitchen cabinets, you need to look out for the possible source of water leakages. When you install new custom cabinets in your kitchen, you do not want water leakages and molds to ruin everything.

Cabinet door problems

You may also experience problems with the operation of cabinet parts such as the doors and drawers. For instance, common problems experienced by many people involve cabinet doors that do not close and sticky drawers. These particular problems are caused by missing, inoperative or old hardware. Wear and tear over time also results in cabinet damage. Most of these issues can be fixed by hiring a contractor for repair services. If these issues keep occurring repeatedly, the most effective thing to do is kitchen remodeling. As you go about custom cabinet designs in kitchen remodeling, do not forget about durability and quality.

Cabinet hinge problems

If you notice loose or falling cabinet doors, the problem is definitely hinge-related. Hinges with loose screws lead to lose cabinet doors that eventually fall off. If you are dealing with a screw opening in the cabinet box, you can fix the problem by gluing a wooden matchbox in a particular hole. This makes things work for the moment before you use the initial screw (for the holes) to entirely fix everything.

Other cabinet issues

Cabinets that have been wrongly installed will bang when you close them. If your cabinet doors bang when you close them, you can fix the problem by finding door bumpers that work for both the cabinet doors and drawers. These peel-and-stick bumpers offer protection to your cabinet doors against the impact of forceful closing. Bumpers vary in thickness. Find an option that is suitable for your cabinet doors and drawers. You may also experience saggy cabinet drawers. This problem can be fixed by creating a reinforcement using plywood and glue. If you have cabinets that do not look nice, chances are you are not maintaining them properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep the cabinets looking good.

Custom cabinets can save the day!

If you are using existing cabinets in a house when you move into a second-hand home, you may consider kitchen remodeling if you keep experiencing cabinet problems. The good news is that you can have custom cabinets installed to make your kitchen look great. By hiring a contractor for kitchen cabinetry in Aurora, you can deal with the kitchen cabinet nightmare by simply installing new ones. Customizing cabinets simply means that you would desire to have cabinets done according to your specification.

Most of the cabinet problems experienced by homeowners can be fixed by simple repairs. For serious cases such as loose cabinets (almost falling), the installation of new cabinets may be necessary. If these cabinet issues are left unattended, they may cause harm or wreck the entire look of your kitchen. For best cabinet projects, always work with professional contractors who can deliver great solutions at affordable rates.

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