How To Get The Most Out Of A Kitchen Design Consultation

December 3, 2015 Uncategorized

Most homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to attending a contemporary kitchen design consultation with a designer. Moreover, they can’t identify the best ways to prepare for their first meeting. Most of them don’t even know what to bring or what to do beforehand to get the most mileage out the session. With this in mind, here are some tips for helping you get the most value out of a design discussion session for your kitchen, laundry, den, bath, or any other room’s remodeling.


Start by deliberating on the kind of a budget you are considering

You deserve a beautiful kitchen. However, you must properly plan in order to get this kind of a kitchen, and then set an appropriate budget. Simply put, set enough money aside to help take care of the designing part of a kitchen remodeling or construction process. Set the budget based on your cooking frequency, buying patterns, food habits, and so forth.

If your family purchase provisions only once a month, then your storage space need to be more and lesser in the case of weekly purchases. Understanding the different modules available for a functional contemporary kitchen and knowing what the design process involve will help you set the most appropriate budget for the whole undertaking.

Having carefully thought about the kind of a budget you are considering for the whole project, call to make an appointment for in-depth consultations. Allow for one to two hours discussion during your meeting so as to cover as much areas of the project as possible.

Bring in the original kitchen blueprints or measure your existing kitchen

Before calling a kitchen designer for a designing consultation, it is recommended that you measure your existing kitchen to the best of your ability. While these measurements don’t have to be perfect, they will give your designer an idea of what to expect. Take pictures of your existing kitchen to help the designer visualize what you have measured. Make certain to also bring these pictures with you to the meeting.

Go appliance searching or shopping

Go shopping or research appliances online to get an idea of what types of contemporary kitchen products are out there in the market and the sorts of budget range there is in your appliance choice. This will assist you to establish a general design category you want to fit in. Your designer can help you refine your final equipment selection based on his or her knowledge and experience of those appliances. Moreover, your designer will also offer you a good comparable advice on what might be a better selection, or even fill you in on customer feedback by informing you about what the previous clients liked or didn’t like concerning the features of your selected appliances.

All in all, since there is such a broad range in prices when it comes to kitchen appliances, it is always advisable for homeowners to get out there in the market to get an idea first. For instance, there are $500 refrigerators or $8 000 refrigerators. As such, you need to first determine how much money you want to allocate and what features suit your lifestyle.

Do a wish list

This kind a wish list should incorporate specific items you are trying to change regarding your current kitchen, or those that you want to include. Evaluate what you like and don’t like in relation to your existing space. Create a list and leave it in the room for a couple of days to help you reach an informed selection decisions. Do you like the lighting, or is your existing space inefficient or unattractive? Do you require additional counter space, or do you want to keep the garden view? Do you want more storage, or are your appliances outdated. Write all these down.

Create your own scrapbook of ideas

Start by cutting out pictures from magazines and books, printing images from the web, and so forth to help create your own scrapbook of the things you like added in your kitchen. These pictures and images give you an idea of the kind of a kitchen design you want. It is important to jot down some notes on the photos about the reasons why you selected that particular photo. When you show them to your selected kitchen designer, he or she will be able to understand what you really like for your own kitchen makeover.

Although the above listed tips are not all inclusive, they will give you an idea on what to expect before and during your consultations on custom kitchen designs in Aurora. Your selected kitchen designer will add a wealth of extra design information, redesign possibilities, style ideas, ideas, and much more. This way, you will leave the meeting more informed. Remember, expert design advice will help save you costly mistakes later.

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