How To Make Your Kitchen More Efficient Through Customization

January 11, 2017 Uncategorized

The kitchen is the one place in a house that is most active and where family members spend most of their time. It is in the kitchen that family food is prepared and families make fond memories by spending quality time together. Not so many households have the luxury of having big kitchen spaces and that means they have to utilize the available space to the maximum.

If you have a small kitchen space, you have to ensure that it is well organized and you need to create enough storage space. If you are not sure where to begin, you can get custom kitchen designers in Aurora to help you organize your kitchen space to make your kitchen more efficient. Here are a few tips on how to design cabinet layouts that will help you use your kitchen space efficiently.

How do you plan to use your kitchen space?


Before coming up with custom kitchen designs, most designers will ask how you plan to use your kitchen space. This will determine which kitchen equipment you frequently use and designers will plan a layout by putting in mind where to place these items within reach for easy access. The size of equipment will determine the size of cabinets to be installed to ensure that everything is neatly tucked away and easily accessible. You need to ensure that every available space is used and no opportunity should be wasted to maximize on storage space. Some of the ideas you can put in mind as you plan a design for your custom kitchen include:

  • Having storage around the sink areas for items used frequently.
  • Spices should be stored within near range.
  • Utilize space under counters by installing deep or wide drawers.
  • Use any extra space left to create storage space for items like wine bottles and cook books.
  • Add some drawers close to the dishwasher for cutlery.

Customize for efficiency

Once you have a general outline of your kitchen design, you need to check ways you can customize your kitchen to add more utilities to your storage. For example, custom cabinets come with a lot of purpose- built organization options and add-ons to ensure maximum usability. Custom additions you can consider include:

  • Installing shelving that is height adjustable for flexibility.
  • Get containers that you can use to store smaller objects to save on cabinet space.
  • Design baskets and organizers from a wire to stimulate airflow. Here you can store items that need aeration.
  • Get custom shelving that allows you to pull out to reach items at the back easily.
  • Include separators and cubes to help organize your spices, foods, pots, pans and cleaning supplies.
  • Use even the space behind doors by installing attachable shelves to add storage space.

Choose materials to use

There are different materials you can choose from to make your custom cabinets and shelving for your kitchen. The most common material used is wood and glass. These two materials continue to be commonly used since they are easily available and easy to maintain. For wood cabinets, you only need soap and water to clean. However you need to ensure that after cleaning the wooden cabinets, no moisture is left to avoid damaging the wood. If you prefer using other materials for your custom cabinets, consult your designer to help you pick materials that will best suit your kitchen design ideas.

Bring your ideas into reality

Once you have your custom kitchen design layout and picked out the materials to be used, you need to plan how transform your ideas into reality. Ensure that you use a company experienced in custom kitchen designs to work on your project. Discuss your kitchen designs with the company and see what changes need to be done to ensure you get a custom kitchen that will be efficient for you.

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