How to Save Yourself Time and Money Cleaning and Maintaining Your Kitchen

November 24, 2014 Uncategorized

If there’s one room in the house that is prone to becoming disgustingly unclean then it’s probably the kitchen. We simply don’t let other rooms in the house get this messy, and yet it’s not uncommon for the kitchen to be covered in grime and muck, to have old rotting banana skins on the sides and to have piles of dirty washing up in the sink. We’ve all been there and we all know how embarrassing it can be to have someone turn up unexpectedly to say hello and find out just how bad our kitchen is. Heck, many of us will have even turned people away from visiting because our kitchens are so unbearably untidy.

The problem is that cleaning up in the kitchen takes forever and isn’t exactly fun. It’s expensive even when you add up all the different things you need to buy to clean and scrub up…

Fortunately though, it’s much easier to keep your kitchen tidy and clean than you think; it’s just a matter of knowing how to design it accordingly and which little lifehacks to use. So here we go…

The Right Design


If you are renovating your kitchen, then now is the ideal time to use custom kitchen designs and to create a layout that will be easier to keep clean and tidy. As you can probably imagine, that means doing things like avoiding having any small nooks and crannies where dust and dirt will build up. If you’re going to have large appliances like washing machines in the kitchen, make sure they’re easy to pull out and clean behind.

The Right Materials

Likewise, ensure that your kitchen is made from the right stuff. This means, for instance, using granite or another good material for your kitchen countertop rather than using laminated wood or plastic. Why? Because you get fewer dents and scratches so it looks cleaner and newer for longer and at the same time this ensures you won’t get crumbs and dirt stuck in those crevices.

Don’t Use Everything

If you want to clean your oven (and you should from time to time) then you might be surprised to find out just how much it can cost. Sometimes oven cleaner can be $5 or more! And shockingly, they tell you to use the entire tub every time you want to clean the oven.

Don’t be fooled. While using the entire tub may indeed ensure there’s not one tiny drop of grime left, you in fact really don’t need that much: just use half and you’ll probably be fine. The same goes for the drain un-blocker.

Make Your Own

Better yet, why not make your own drain un-blocker? In many cases a drain can be un-blocked using just a little white wine vinegar and some bicarbonate of sodium. In fact you can also use vinegar to clean limescale out of your kettle. There’s no need to spend tons on expensive products!

Use Clingfilm

If you’re going to be cooking something messy and you want to keep your surface pristine, then just lay some clingfilm down first. This way you can make as much mess with the flour as you like and at the end you can just peel off the clingfilm to reveal a pristine surface underneath.


Some appliances can make a huge difference to your workload when it comes to keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. A dishwasher for instance is a godsend and likewise you’ll also find that a robotic vacuum cleaner can be very useful, as can a waste disposal unit.

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