Kitchen Cabinet Colour Decisions

July 20, 2018 Uncategorized
Uxbridge Kitchen Cabinet Design

Uxbridge Kitchen Cabinet Design

Most people are naturally drawn to either contrast or monochromatic colour themes – and there really is no wrong choices between the two. However one should give careful consideration to their colour choices based on their lifestyle and future plans.

If you are considering moving and although you may really love an off-beat eclectic red for your kitchen cabinets will it affect the sale of your home? In other words, will potential buyers love it too – here you might want to play it safe and go with more “standard” or “timeless” colour choices. Use smaller accent pieces to add some eclectic love to your space.

Of course if you are planning to love your home long term, then with careful planning of the complimentary colours and accent pieces you should go with your hearts desire – just be sure to get advice from a professional – sometimes you may not see all the quirks of a colour that a professional may know about – and you want make informed decisions.

Consider your lifestyle, are you drawn to black cabinets, but dust or contrasting pet hair will drive you up the wall – you may want to consider lighter colours – the last thing you want to do is regret a colour choice – cause re-painting cabinets is costly and a lot of work.

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