Kitchen Cabinets: Top 9 Ways To Update Them

November 10, 2015 Uncategorized

Even when you are on a budget, there are numerous creative ways in which you can update your kitchen cabinets. Not only does it change the feel and style of your kitchen, but using the simple techniques outline below will not break your bank when remodelling. However, to get the best results, it is always best to seek the assistance of a professional to help you in updating your cabinets.

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Replacing the cabinet doors

Most of the time, getting new cabinets can be a costly affair, but by simply replacing the cabinet doors, you can have a completely new look in your kitchen. This means that if your kitchen cabinets are in fairly good condition, you can do this with your small budget.

Reface as opposed to replace

Alternatively, you can reface the ends of your kitchen cabinets with paneling, moulding or bead boards. Once you have painted them, the design will completely change and resemble recently customized kitchen cabinets.

Adding architectural details

Breakfast bars, open shelves as well as corbels and brackets under the overhead kitchen cabinets can transform them from ordinary looking to original ones. Whereas the decision on which type of architectural design to put is yours, you can always ask a professional to guide you in coming up with the one that suits your kitchen.

Box in above cabinets

If your kitchen happens to have one of those awkward openings above the cabinet which only seem to collect dust, you can update your cabinets with a custom look simply by boxing in that open space and thereafter adding a crown of moulding and trim.

Adding jewellery

For a cabinet, hardware acts like jewellery. Making the right selection can transform your simple cabinet to something spectacular. Thus, you should try to mix and match some of your favourite hardware to give your kitchen cabinets a fun and eclectic appeal.


In as much as white is the classic, traditional choice, there are many other colours which you can select to give your cabinets a fresher look. You can always have a professional prepare for you a 3D rendering picture of your kitchen with the new colors to see how it will come out and thereafter decide if you will need to make any changes.

Switch to two-toned

If what you want is to spice up your cabinet’s personality, you can opt for two different shades of color to spice things up. You can decide to paint your lower cabinets or island with one shade and then have a different color for the upper cabinets. Alternatively, you can decide to paint your free standing cabinet in an accent color of your choice.

Removing the cabinet doors

This is actually one of the simplest ways you can update your kitchen. By removing a small number of your upper cabinet doors, you can create the look of open shelving which will freshen up the look of your kitchen and allow you to display some of your favourite dishes. Additionally, you can decide to paint the back of those open cabinets with an exciting color.

Creating a glass front cabinet

For most people, they do not know that they can transform their cabinet doors into glass front doors. You should have a professional do this for you to ensure it is done perfectly to match your cabinets.

Updating the drawer knobs and pulls

Although this is not the least expensive endeavour to undertake, it is usually the fastest you can use to update your kitchen cabinetry. More so, adding some bright and well polished chrome hardware will freshen up your kitchen giving it a new point of view. Thus, should you decide to use this option, you should always take the appropriate measurements.

Think outside the box

In some instances, you need not do anything to your kitchen cabinets but instead make changes to the area around your cabinets. Whether it is paint treatment, putting new wallpaper or a new backlash, it will make the change you might be looking for. Alternatively, you can freshen up the window that is over your sink. With the numerous number of ways open to you, you should do some research to find which one best suits your preference while still being creative in your selection including opting for new patterns.

The most important thing to thing to bear in mind is that updating your kitchen cabinets is a matter of choice. There are numerous ways which you can use to give your kitchen a new look, including getting custom kitchen cabinetry in Aurora. Whatever you choose, you should always ensure that you seek a professional to guide you through. The last thing you will want is to do all the work and then have your kitchen looking like a circus rather than the heart of the home!

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