Kitchen Design Ideas: Should You Install A Pot Filler?

November 3, 2015 Uncategorized

Undertaking a kitchen renovation is usually a huge project which entails viewing both the bigger picture such as the design, style and layout, and also the details which include the tiles, appliances, cabinet accessories, and many other things. This means that the custom design you choose should blend in well with your home décor and improve on your current lifestyle, whereas the details you incorporate should have two distinct characteristics of functionality and fitting in well with your kitchen’s style. If you tend to cook a lot, then a pot filler faucet can bring about a huge difference in your cooking, once installed.

So what is a pot filler?

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This is usually a swing out faucet which has an extended, jointed arm, which is usually mounted on top of the stove. It is specially designed for filling pots with stew, pasta and soups, or to add water in your cooking. Once you have installed it, you can do all these activities in one station rather than have to keep on going to the sink to fetch a large, heavy pot of water.

Its usefulness

Since you are able to fill up the pot with water in one centralized location, you will be able to minimize the amount of mess you create while cooking, thus saving you a crucial step when cooking those special dishes and reduce the task of having to carry a heavy pot all around the kitchen for your cooking needs. This is especially so if you happen to have medical issues such as arthritis, mobility issues or you usually find it difficult and uncomfortable when you carry a pot of water. More so, it is especially important if you have a large pot of water, which you are unable to fit in under your standard sink tap.

Additionally, just like having the right sink, having a pot filler adds to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen letting everyone know that indeed you really take cooking seriously and that you care about the food that you prepare for your friends and family while at the same time adding a touch of classy chrome and bronze that complements your other kitchen fixtures.

Its cost

In as much as it is not a crucial kitchen enhancement feature, it is actually not expensive to install it. Statistics show that of all the people who have installed it when making their kitchen renovations, they would readily do it again because of its convenience and cost-friendliness. A plumber can usually do it very quickly, approximately half an hour, but if you are installing it to your already renovated kitchen, it will take a bit more time. This should take approximately two hours when done by a professional.

How it works

The pot filler faucet is usually installed on the backsplash section which is on top of your cooking area and then gets connected to a single source of cold water supply pipe. In as much as some extra plumbing will be required, it is usually not that bigger a task. Once installed, all you will need to do is swing out the pot filler’s arm and turn it on to add water to your pot or cooking. Then, once you are done, you will only need to fold it back neatly back against the stove wall.

Factors to consider when selecting and installing it

Just like with other faucets, pot fillers usually come in various styles to suit your kitchen’s design. You should always bear in mind that its location will be influenced by the height of your cooking top in addition to the type of pot you will need to fill up with water. Thus, the pot filler will need to be high enough to accommodate your cooking pot which is underneath. Therefore, the faucet you choose should have one or two valves. One of the valves will be functional whereas the second will enable you to completely close the faucet and thereby prevent drips. By so doing, there will be a lesser likelihood of damaging the stove and need to replace the faucet.

Just like everything else that is close to the cooking area, pot fillers will also collect some grease. If you consider that it will make your kitchen affairs easier, then you should not worry about having to clean it.

You can easily know if you need a pot filler when remodelling your kitchen. Since you know what troubles you go through when cooking of having to keep on fetching water, its inclusion can make your cooking life much easier. Thus, you should consider getting an expert to assist you with your kitchen design ideas in Newmarket to help you figure out the requirements you will have to sort out before you can have it installed in your kitchen.

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