Kitchen Designs That Are Heavily Used Today

May 5, 2016 Uncategorized

For a long time, the kitchen is known strictly as a place where preparation of meals and cooking take place. If you visit most of our homes in this time and age, you will realize that this place has undergone some kind of metamorphosis. The kitchen has become the heart of the home. Besides using it for cooking and eating, it now serves as a place where you can socialize with your friends, do your work assignments and so much more.

Moreover, with our daily back and forth activities, it has become the centre of everything. Most of us have opted for the open-kitchen plans, which include working stations for children and even their parents. This is because there’s a very thin line between work and other life’s responsibilities.

Custom kitchen designers in Aurora will tell you about how residents have opted to eliminate offices and other functional rooms, leaving a small space for the living room, just to create more room in the kitchen. Most residential homes have multifunctional kitchens. If you observe closely, you will realize that the kitchen is the one place that requires close inspection.

When it comes to renovations, kitchens take the first position in the wish lists of many people. In addition to this, the one request that never goes unnoticed is the need to create more room to cater for more people and functionality. Most of us probably can’t wait to see more of this metamorphosis in the next ten or so years. Here’s a look at the most used kitchen designs for today:

Contemporary design

This type of kitchen has its focus on the functionality of the designated areas in the kitchen. The design borrows more from the modern design than any other. What makes it stand out in comparison to the modern design is the amount of ‘livability’ it brings out. Contemporary design focuses on what is taking place at the moment. It is influenced by what is trending. Currently, it utilizes stainless steel equipment and fittings. When painting, this type of design features gleaming white and bold colours. If you pay close attention to it, you will realize that about 60% of it is painted in one colour, 30% is a secondary colour and the other 10% is an enunciation colour.


Modern design

If you were told to distinguish between contemporary and modern it might prove difficult or impossible if you do not pay attention to details. However, it is key that you remember contemporary relates to what is happening at the moment while modern design focuses on the specific movement in the design world. Modern style dates back to the 20th century. This style has gone in the complete opposite direction from the traditional design. You can anticipate for slab door cupboards or cabinets without frames. More to this, the hardware is sleek and includes natural elements. Horizontal lines have strongly been used and generally there is an absence of clutter.

Traditional design

The traditional design relies completely on details that date back to historical times. Most homeowners relate to this type of design. Examples of the traditional style details are beam ceilings, raised, framed and furniture style cabinets. Unlike modern or contemporary designs which centre on uniformity, traditional design is open to variety. You need not be caught by surprise when you come across several cabinet styles or inset and raised panel doors all in one kitchen.

Transitional design

Just like in contemporary and modern, the gap amid traditional and transitional is quite elusive but very vital. Transitional designs combine both contemporary and traditional elements of design to come up with a very unique kitchen. It brings out the sleek part of contemporary design but also incorporates the warmth brought about by the traditional design. It often uses sleek cabinets together with natural surfaces and textured tiles. Its outstanding feature is the look brought out by combining natural and industrial planes. Transitional style embraces embellishment unlike contemporary which chooses to shun from it.

Ready to look for a kitchen design that works for your needs?

Whichever style you opt for, you are spoilt for choice and can never go wrong with these four. Just make sure you get the right designer for this job. Apart from having access to a variety of plans and technology, custom kitchen designers in Aurora keep up with what is trending in terms of materials and so much more. Their expertise will go a very long way to saving you not only money and time but also a great deal of frustration.

Whatever renovations your kitchen needs, be it a revamp or a complete change of everything, getting the assistance of an experienced kitchen designer is worth your every dime. Let us help you with designing your kitchen; not only will you get to save money cost-efficiently, you will also get the aesthetic results that you dream of!

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