Kitchen Modifications For Recently Disabled Individuals

September 20, 2016 Uncategorized

Recently disabled people tend to have many challenges in life, which may make them become depressed and in some cases even suicidal if they don’t get over them. Of course, there are many aspects of your life you will need to change if you have recently been disabled, and an occupational therapist will be central in helping you do this.

 However, you may also need to look at your home surroundings in order to find a way to make it more accessible. One of the parts of the house that is most commonly used is the kitchen, so this is one area that you may need to pay special attention to. After one is disabled and confined to a wheelchair, they may find it difficult to use a kitchen that they had been fine with before the disability. In such cases, reducing the frustration of using the kitchen usually involves making a few changes to the general design of the kitchen.

Rely on the expertise of custom kitchen designers

This is where custom kitchen designers in Aurora will come in handy in helping you. Most people think that in order to make the kitchen more accessible, they will need to basically get rid of everything in it, and then redo the whole kitchen. However, this is not the case. Depending on how the kitchen had been previously designed, you may only need to make a few changes, which will save you money in addition to ensuring that the process is not time-consuming.

Working hand in hand with experienced kitchen designers has many benefits, including helping you spot necessary changes that you may not have initially realized you need. This is because most of the time, such designers tend to have modified kitchens for many disabled people, and will therefore be in a position to help you figure out the important changes you need to make.

Countertop changes

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Of course, the way in which you want your kitchen to be designed depends on your needs. However, there are a few things you should definitely give thought to during this process. One of these is the counters. If you want to use the kitchen efficiently, a regular kitchen counter may be too high for you, and this means that part of the redesign process should include reducing its height to a more reasonable level.

You could do this by taking measurements of where your hands would be most comfortable when using the counter, and then using this specification. In addition to that, you could also opt to use counters that are height adjustable as well. After installation, you can then adjust them to ensure that they are perfectly comfortable.

In addition to countertop height, you may also need to focus on what is below the counter. Remember that when you are on a wheelchair, you will need to get close to the countertop for you to work effectively. This means that your legs and part of the wheelchair may need to go under the counter. If there are shelves in such locations, this will not be possible. You can choose several areas of the countertop where there will be no shelves beneath the counters, making it easier for you to work. Examples of this include where you will be preparing food, around the sink area and where you will be cooking.

Plumbing changes

In the process of making sure that there is enough space beneath the sink, some of the plumbing changes you may need to make include having the drain far back, so that there will be no obstruction for your feet. If the sink has a hot water pipe, you also need to be careful about where it’s placed, so that the risk of burning yourself when doing the dishes is minimal. It’s advisable to also check out a selection of faucets that will be easier to use as well. For instance, there are some people who prefer touch-activated faucets or those that have a single lever. These tend to be very easy to operate.

Storage changes

Cabinets and racks in the kitchen will also need some modification as well. To make them easier to use, you may need them lowered to your liking. Alternatively, you can also invest in cabinets that are height adjustable. These are often more expensive, but many people find them more convenient than regular cabinets that are in a lower position. The cabinets could also have sliding shelves to make it easier to get items that are far back.

Working space modifications

Lastly, it’s also important to make changes that will allow you to move around without hindrance. For instance, the doors may need to be expanded to allow the wheelchair to go through. The area leading from the kitchen to the outside might also have to have a ramp rather than stairs for ease of movement as well.

These are some of the basic changes you could consider making in your kitchen if you are permanently disabled. Of course, there are many more, most of which depend on your individual preferences. The most important thing is to work hand in hand with an experienced custom kitchen designer for the best possible outcome.

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