Kitchen Renovation 101: A Guide to the Basics

August 8, 2022 Uncategorized

Kitchen Renovation 101: A Guide to the Basics

Before you know it, your kitchen can start to feel a little dated and shabby, both in an utilitarian and an aesthetic sense. The reason behind it can very well and rightfully be the gamut of activities that keep the kitchen constantly active. We spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, making meals with and for our close ones, and we are the best judge when it comes to the fundamental question- is your kitchen desperate for a renovation?

There are many small and big elements involved in kitchen renovation, including knowing where to start and how to make the process as well-ordered and hassle-free as possible. Below, we have stated the 5 basics of kitchen renovation that will help you chalk out a plan.

1.    Update Cabinet Fronts

Give the dreary-looking kitchen cabinets a makeover by installing brand new modernized ones or replacing their door fronts with a fresh coat. Based on the extent of your cabinets’ wear and tear, they can be replaced by solid wood or even PVC shutters to provide a new facelift.

You can eliminate the shutters of some of the overhead cabinets to make space for open shelves or even replace them with glass. Glass, be it plain, frosted, etched, or stained, can keep your kitchen looking and feeling up to date for years to come. You can redo the cabinets’ finish as well by installing laminates or veneers.

2.     Update Backsplash

Many find the backsplash the most hardworking, diligent, used and abused part of kitchens. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to change the old and tired backsplash and welcome an instant zing to the cooking space. Just make sure that the material you go for is one that goes well with your cooking habits.

3.    Paint Anew

Oftentimes, all your kitchen needs is a fresh coat of paint or a drastic shift in color. You can consider going from a monochrome theme to a color one or even vice versa. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and try more polychromatic approaches. Hey, a little color never hurt anyone! Go through various lists of color palettes before deciding on one.

4.    Redo the flooring

Much like the wall color and the backsplash, the floor can influence the look of  a kitchen. If your current kitchen floor runs beneath your kitchen cabinets till the wall edges, it is a good idea to remove the cabinetry and then refit it once the new floor is laid out.

It can be a hefty job to redo the flooring and it should not be taken up rashly. From hiring a skilled contractor to remove the existing flooring material to preparing the sub-base, and finally installing a new flooring material, it can be a time-consuming process that is best done by a kitchen remodeling service company.

You get ample choices- porcelain, tiles, terracotta, cement, and stone tiles, wood, and many other such readily available alternatives. Opt for avant-garde choices like patterned tiles, decorative vinyl, and mosaic highlighters, but whatever you choose, make sure it ties the whole design together.

5.    Add Tactical Storage

Additional storage in dead places is a plus, be it the area above overhead cabinets, an unused wall space, the area over a fridge, the toe-kick space, or the vertical space by the sides of the island. From drawer organizers, internal drawers, deep modular baskets, to corner-pull outs, there are tons of options to boost the efficiency of your cabinets exponentially. Moreover, more storage means less clutter on the counter, and hence, an orderly and clean kitchen.

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