Learn To Maximise Your Small Kitchen Space!

October 20, 2014 Uncategorized

When you feel that your kitchen is too small to hold all the things you would love to fit in it, do not fret! You can actually maximise the little space you have by following some tips that will help you make use of that very small room you have for cooking. Create big cooking dreams in a small kitchen by trying the following:

1. Have a kitchen island


If your apartment is too small and the kitchen space is limited, you can always make the big dreams work by having a kitchen island. A kitchen island can be the home to your cooking essentials and can provide a larger room where you can cook your traditional well-known recipes. Having small kitchen countertops will somehow provide more workspace for you.

2. Combine some pieces that will fit in your small kitchen.

Basically, a small kitchen would look like an L-shaped provision. This look maximises the floor space. To have this look, you can have back-to-back kitchen cabinets for storage. Also, you can have precut holes on your kitchen island where you can fit in both the sink and the large cooktop. You can also try adding a rolling kitchen cart that can be conveniently moved in other areas whenever you need a larger workspace.

3. Invest in cooktops with multiple burners

If you want to experience big cooking with that small kitchen space you have, then it would be best to prioritise your selection of multiple-burner cooktops. This will allow you to cook all the dishes you want to serve your family at once. It would be nice to have the right countertop where you can fit in the cooktop.

4. Give it some room

Often, you would think of maximising all that small kitchen space by allowing cabinets to occupy every empty space there is to make use of. With this, you would simply want a full-height kitchen cabinet. However, it would be good to give your kitchen some room where you can store some other cooking utensils that cannot be placed inside kitchen cabinets. The same space can also be used to cool off that just-baked bread or muffin.

5. Maximise your wall space

When there is not enough floor space in your kitchen, try using whatever is left of the wall space. Imagine yourself digging into cabinets in that small space just to reach out for your cooking utensils. That can take so much of your time. Try the idea of having rails and open shelves where you can place those most frequently used cooking tools. You can use your walls for such provisions and you will surely see how easy it is to look for your cooking tools when your kitchen is setup that way.

6. Organise

Keep your kitchen organised if you do not want to have troubles finding your utensils and cutleries whenever you need them. You can label the cabinets and classify your kitchen needs accordingly. This will allow more cooking time for you too knowing that you can easily reach out to your tools even with that limited space you have.

7. It helps to have a plan

Planning is important when you have a small kitchen space that you want to maximise. Planning would help you see how much space you can have to cook your daily meals. You should jot down the measurements of that kitchen before bringing it over to a professional who would work on your kitchen design.

Having a small kitchen should not be a problem. You simply have to follow the tips mentioned above and you can maximise that space. You can also contact us for your concerns and we will gladly give you a design that will not just maximise your small kitchen space but will also improve it aesthetically.

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