Life Interrupted – How Long?

June 18, 2019 Kitchen and Bathrooms, Kitchen Renovations

A Home Renovation does mean your life is going to be interrupted. But it should only be for a set amount of time. That is why reviewing a company should be a prerequisite prior to making contact.- you need to know if the company adhere’s to reasonable timelines and actually keep them according to their clients. If the majority of the reviews support that the company kept to timelines (unless a completely unforeseen incident occurred) and showed up when they said they were going to – that may be a company worth looking into for your project. We provide a timetable in print that details who is at the job site and what is being accomplished that week and by who. This really helps our company and the client keep track of the progress being made. It takes something very unexpected or a client adding more to the renovation after it has already begun for the timetable to be shifted.

The reason some companies show up for a couple of days and then disappear is usually because of things being added to current projects. This creates chaos for all clients, and the contractors. To avoid this, we require clients with current in progress projects to be reasonable if they want to add to their project as we do not shift other client timetables in favour of their project. What then happens? If we can do it in the scheduled timetable – it may mean longer days of putting up with our crew or it may mean our company scheduling it in later. Thankfully, our crew is pretty likeable!

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