Microwave Drawer – a great advance in kitchen appliances

June 5, 2018 Uncategorized

Microwaves, so far the choices were sitting on your countertop, built-in to a cabinet, and over the range.  All with a door that swung out to open.  But recently on the market is the microwave drawer.  Renovating your kitchen – with custom cabinetry is a great time to incorporate a microwave drawer appliance in a base cabinet. Let’s face it, microwaves are not always pretty sitting on your counter top and they can take up precious prep space. Things got better when we took our microwave off the counter and put it in a cupboard or over the range – but for quite a few items that require stirring it means removing the hot bowl from the microwave – many a time I have burned myself just trying to lift a bowl out of the microwave or had something scalding hot splash out and hit me or the floor in the process.

I love these microwave drawers – push a button and out rolls a drawer, place your bowl in – and back in it goes with a press of a button. Choose your power and time, then when you have to check on it- voila! Press the open button, and all you have to do is carefully check on it/stir it – without removing the item from the microwave – until it is actually ready.

There are a few manufacturers out there that are now offering, what I consider this revolutionary appliance microwave drawer.  You can either get them flush mount sitting with the cabinetry for a sleek ultra modern feel or non-flush mounted.  I’m kind of partial to the non-flush since most of today’s appliances are non-flush mounts.  Anytime I am looking at flush mount fridges, it usually requires extra dollars added to the budget.  Since non-flush mount fridges are more popular due to price, hence the non-flush mount of the microwave drawer.

Sharp microwave drawer in base cabinet, kitchen design Stouffville

Sharp Microwave Drawer before counter installation

Stouffville kitchen design with Sharp microwave drawer

Stouffville kitchen design with Sharp microwave drawer

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