Mind-blowing tips to follow before getting your Kitchen Cabinets painted

September 21, 2021 Kitchen and Bathrooms

Newmarket Painted Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is rightly known as the heart of the home. It is the central point and the place where we prepare delicious meals. Often families gather around the kitchen and enjoy a chit-chat session. In this view, it becomes very crucial to keep your kitchen updated. A dull kitchen will give you a very dull environment, and you will not like spending time in the kitchen. Designing the kitchen should account for everything from planning and painting the cabinets to creating a fantastic lighting scheme. Thus renovating the kitchen is one of the most expensive home renovations to undertake. You are not spending more than you have thought, and it can certainly put a hole in your pocket.

Just by giving a fresh look to your cabinets, you can change the entire feel of the kitchen. The cabinets of the kitchen may go frail with time. The bottom shells might have broken, and the hardware must have become Outdated. So if you are tired of your old cabinetry, you can refreshen it up within your budget. You don’t have to replace the cabinets, and a fresh coat of paint will do its work. You can create a very stylish and classy look by using contemporary style paints. The stained wood cabinets and the painted cabinets are some of the basic designs preferred by homeowners. So there is always a chance to get rid of the old decor in the kitchen and get the new ones installed. Getting your cabinets painted is one of the cost-effective renovations. Here are several tips which you must follow before getting your cabinets painted:

Make use of high-quality paints: To get a very refined look, you have to choose high-quality paints. The paints of superior quality will give a very professional look to your cabinets. This way will help you use more miniature paints as you will have to use fewer coats of paint. The latex paints must not be used that they can wear off very quickly and fade away. The high-quality oil-based paints must be used as they give a very flawless look.

Remove your cabinet hardware: A perfect finishing is only achievable if you remove the hardware. Removing the drawer pulls and hinges will not restrict your movement while painting. Also, the paint application will be smooth and refined, and you get a perfect look. The paint that is applied to the door hardware may not be removed later, and it is recommended to remove the hardware at the time of painting.

Sanding the cabinets: It is essential to send all the surfaces before your paint the kitchen cabinets. Sanding is widely known to give a very fine grip to a new coat of paint. If you skip this step, the paints will start to tear off and not survive for a greater period of time. So sanding is crucial if you want to create a perfect finishing for your cabinets.

Pick up the color that goes with the appliances: Choosing perfect colors will not take you very long on the journey. One must always choose the colors that can thoroughly blend with your appliances. If all your devices are black, you can choose white and off-white colors of cabinets, and if your appliances are of white blooms, you can select a dark coat of paints.

Make use of the primer: Primer is essential to prepare the surface for the topcoat. Primer provides the proper adhesion of the paints and seals the surface. A single coat of primer can do the much-needed work and make the surface ready for the paint. Tinting the primer will help you match the final color of the paint.

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