Paint Finishes on Kitchen Cabinetry – Will It Last?

October 13, 2018 Uncategorized


Newmarket Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Newmarket Painted Kitchen Cabinets


Painted Kitchen Cabinetry – how will you know if that paint finish will last? Let’s start by saying there are a lot of fine craftsmen out there. But you do need to have the space, proper tools and techniques for a painted finish to last. All that time you are opening doors – chances are, finger nails are going to rub against the finish, not to mention just everyday use. One of the reasons we decided to go with Cabico for our cabinetry was #1 Canadian-made and #2 Quality in construction and finishes – their paint finished was undeniably the best we had seen and touched. Many other companies, to save money, just spray the finish on which leads to paint easily peeling off. The Process – A solid colour finish is a multi-layered finish. A solid color primer is applied first, then hand-sanded to a smooth surface, followed by a self-leveling solid color top coat, and finally oven-dried to a smooth, hard finish. And that is what makes a paint finish last.

We actually want people to test the painted surface against normal use.  Thus we keep off cuts like crown, valances, kicks, etc for this reason (and so they can use them when out shopping for other materials and finishes to go with their kitchen cabinetry, such as tiles, wall colours, etc).  These off cuts are handy to allow clients to try to and scratch the surface with their fingernails.  You want to be confident that the painted surface is going to last against normal use.

Another way of knowing how good a finish is?  The warranty!  If there’s no warranty or very limited time, chances are the finishes are not going to last as long as you would like.

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