Quick Tips To Help You Come Up With An Impeccable Custom Kitchen

March 6, 2015 Uncategorized

Your kitchen is just as important as your living room or bedroom. In fact, it is more important than any other room in your home. You cook there. You have meals there sometimes. You can even hold informal meetings there. Your kitchen is simply the ‘engine’ of your home. Investing in a few measures to ensure the kitchen is aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time is therefore a smart move.

Unfortunately, the kitchen is one of the most demanding areas as far as executing some designs is concerned. It gets worse where one wants to execute custom designs. With the following tips however, you will have an easier time through the kitchen renovation.



Always go for overhead cupboards. There are several reasons behind this. You won’t have to clean the top side of the cupboards from time to time. What’s more, you will benefit from extra storage space. Keep in mind though that you have to get an expert to fix the cupboards. The aim is to first come up with a spacious kitchen, something you cannot do without the help of an expert.

Apart from your fridge and other sizeable appliances, your guests will definitely notice your cabinets and cupboards. That means they must be placed well. So ensure you have all your cupboards at the same height from your countertop or bench top. You should not struggle to access whatever is in the cupboards. This may also mean going for sizeable cupboards with ease to open doors or sliding glasses.

The free area

Take a look at the best kitchen in your area featured in home improvement magazines. Notice the free areas in the kitchens usually located away from the hotplate and sink. You will need the free area for ample movement and an easy time preparing your meals. The free area should not face the wall. Consider island benches. They can enable you to work from the kitchen and have a look at what’s happening in the living room.

Your fridge opening

Your fridge plays an integral in your kitchen. It is one of the first things people will notice in your kitchen. The best way to go about it is to set aside some space for the fridge in a strategic location. Then ensure that the space is big enough for 2 standard size fridge doors. The two door fridge for the modern kitchen may look big. It is. But note that you will have guests and you family could grow. So know your fridge measurements before you can set aside some space for it. Consider hiring a cabinet maker to help you get the right fridge measurements.

Height of the appliances

No doubt you will want to have easy access to your appliances. Your kitchen design should have enough space for all your appliances. If by any chance you a few problems with space, consider de-cluttering the kitchen. That is, get rid of old appliances you hardly use. It is all about functionality and ease of access. Your microwave should for instance be placed no higher than 1300m off your floor.


Use symmetry placement when choosing a color pattern for your kitchen. Things that are balanced are often considered as more beautiful. In other words, blend your colors well. Remember you may have to resale your home. So choose colors that people consider good for the kitchen. Consider a blend of dark and stripped colors to be on the safe side.


You will certainly need some light inside the kitchen. You don’t have to go mainstream and light up the kitchen like everyone else is doing. Be a little bit creative. That is, make good use of natural light. Have a big window in the kitchen to let in some light and fresh air. Make sure you will not have to turn on the light during the day. Skylights and sunbeam tunnels directed to your kitchen are also good ideas. Lastly, light up your cabinets. They will always look good and add that personal taste to your kitchen. Be sure to consider energy saving light bulbs for the best results at low cost.

The floor

Go eco-friendly as far as your flooring options are concerned. Cork and bamboo happen to be the most eco-friendly options available today. Whatever you go for, make sure the floor can match with your cabinets with ease. Then remember that most floors call for different maintenance standards and needs. Go for what you can manage and what you can afford.

Plumbing system

This is where plumbing and drainage come into the picture. There is no two way about it. You just have to go for a flawless plumbing system. This will of course, cost you more but don’t think of it as an extra and unnecessary expense. Think of it as a wise investment!

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