Remodelling Your Kitchen To Complement Renaissance-Inspired Home Interiors

November 17, 2016 Uncategorized

Renaissance homes never go out of style, no matter how many centuries have already passed. In fact, if you glimpse at houses within your neighbourhood, you will see plenty of homes built with this inspiration. Renaissance homes are characterised by the presence of urban planning and are basically structured making sure that ideal proportions for a residence will be achieved. If you happen to have the same inspiration for your home, you might want to know how you can remodel your kitchen so it can fit into the entire picture perfectly. Here are some ideas to help you with.

Keep things elegant 


You really do not have to break the bank most of the time if you want to keep things elegant in any part of your home. The same principle applies when you want your kitchen to fit your renaissance-inspired home. You just need to have granite countertops matched with a swivel counter stool. The granite can specifically have specks of brown whilst the counter stool can be plain brown in colour.

Make your kitchen countertop the focus of attention

You may have kitchen cabinets in browns all around your kitchen. You might want the same colour to your kitchen countertops and chairs as well. If you want the spot to be the focus of attention in your kitchen, why not inject something new into the space? You can consider using black countertop granite instead paired with chairs that have turned legs and wainscoting.

Make the backsplash count

Renaissance homes are classical and elegant to look at. If you want things to stay that way for your home, you can make your kitchen a real standout by also trying to remodel the backsplash. Adding elements here and there will be very good. Try to bring in some bronze metals into the picture. Alongside this, your floor tile colours should be within the same colour hue although lighter than those of your furniture and décor.

White paint and taupe glaze will also be a good idea

Changing the colour of the kitchen will make it blend well with your Renaissance-inspired home. You can have the entire kitchen customised by adding hints of what they call antique white paint as well as the mesmerising taupe glaze into the remodel. The colour can be fused in to your kitchen cabinets if you want and from there, you will surely be surprised by how the idea works for that beautiful home of yours.

Remodel your cabinetry

A kitchen remodel will not be complete unless you also change the way your entire cabinetry looks. If you think your kitchen cabinets already fit the area as you want it then it is alright not to touch it but if you think something is missing, then you can simply add something into it. Changing the cabinetry door will be a good idea. In this regard, you can choose a Gothic arch glass to give that perfect look for a Renaissance-inspired cabinetry.

Don’t forget the ventilation

The kitchen is basically that spot where you cook different types of food. With that in mind, you can be sure the smell in there can be quite disappointing from time to time. Keep the spot clean and odour-friendly at all times. Concerned about how you can make it suit your Renaissance-themed home? Have the kitchen hood custom designed to provide the ventilation the space needs.

The task of renovating your kitchen is never easy especially with a Renaissance-inspired home. You can always have ideas in mind but it pays to make sure that someone is there to help you along the way. Custom kitchen renovation in New Market is the answer to your prayers when you want to achieve the perfection you want in this space.

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