Stock Cabinets or Custom Cabinets: What should you get?

January 17, 2021 Kitchen and Bathrooms

Should I get stock cabinets or custom-made kitchen cabinets? This is a question that comes to our mind the moment we think about adding cabinets to our kitchen. On one hand, a custom cabinet is made to suit the style of its consumer or buyer and the kitchen it is going to be a part of. It is flexible and personalized and is of a higher quality when compared to stock cabinets. On the other hand, the stock cabinets are ready-made and their style is supposed to suit your kitchen and not the other way around but is good as they are ready to order for a quick kitchen remodelling as they are sold as they are made without any customization. A kitchen renovation is incomplete without adding cabinetry to it.

Custom kitchen cabinets are adaptable to the space and the style of your kitchen and any type of material can be used in the cabinetry to complement the rest of your kitchen. In case you have a theme regarding your kitchen but are not sure what to do about your cabinetry, a knowledgeable kitchen cabinet designer might help you figure out what would be best for your kitchen as per your potential requirements. Taking the help of a professional is beneficial as he will consider more than just the look of the cabinet. On the contrary, if a stock cabinet fits into all of your requirements except for one or two then you can always go for that stock cabinet and customize it on your level to fit the rest of your needs later.

There are merits and demerits of both stock and custom cabinets are mentioned below:

  1. Stock cabinets are affordable due to their mass-production which enables us to book them at the last minute. Although you might not get your dream kitchen, stock cabinets get the purpose solved even if your budget is a little tight hence they save you money too.
  2. If you want a temporary solution, stock cabinets are the best as they are cheaper due to plywood material with veneer coating to look fresh.
  3. Custom cabinets can help you achieve your dream of the perfect kitchen but it does make achieving this dream a little more complicated than stock cabinets.
  4. If you are remodelling the kitchen or the entire home only to put it for sale, investing in a custom cabinet is not the right decision.
  5. Custom cabinets require patience and perseverance from you as there are not as simple as going through catalog and just picking one. These custom cabinets have to first designed, then manufactured, then ordered, and finally installed.
  6. If you choose a stock cabinet, it directly means you are sacrificing your personal requirements and style. They do not even last that long when compared to a custom cabinet.

In order to ensure that your kitchen is remodelled properly according to the needs, stock or custom cabinets are installed, it is advisable to contact a professional kitchen remodelling company dealing in this area for appropriate results.

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