The Do’s And Don’ts Of Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

June 6, 2016 Uncategorized

The kitchen space is the busiest place in a home and this is where family members spend most of their time. Modernized kitchen spaces have been designed to do more than just be a place to prepare meals and they can now be used as cleaning, eating, socializing and drinking areas.

In the case of a family gathering or even an event where more people are expected at one particular time the kitchen space can be used to hold more guests and it is important that your kitchen has a welcoming feel to it. It should be attractive and well designed to give it that unique look.

Custom made cabinets help to achieve that look and as you visit your designer ensure that you tell them how else you plan to use your kitchen space other than the fact that it will be a cooking area. This article will help you know what to keep in mind as you choose the type of cabinets to go in your kitchen for that perfect finish and the do’s and don’ts as you lay out your plans.

Counter space

Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

The counter space is very important in the kitchen. This determines how many people can work in the kitchen at the same time. The benefit of having a spacious counter top means that you have space to interact with your family as you prepare meals. Your children can sit and do their homework as you cook.

Do ensure that your counter space is adequate to hold all the appliances that you need in the kitchen. Having bigger and spacious counter tops means that you have enough space at the bottom to install more custom made kitchen counters. You can achieve more counter space by adding an island in your kitchen. This way you don’t have to place all your kitchen appliances on the countertop since you will have enough space underneath and your kitchen looks more organized.

Storage space

The kitchen can be tricky to organize at times due to the many appliances that need to be stored away. They come in different shapes and sizes and space can become a challenge. When you choose kitchen cabinets you can ask your designer to custom make them in such a way that they can fit different appliances with different shapes and sizes.

Most kitchen designs are done with a lot of space wasted, that could otherwise be used to fit kitchen cabinets. If you have a small kitchen area you can consider installing longer upper cabinets for more storage space. Do not neglect the space above your refrigerator. You can use that space to install cabinets to place items that are large. Other ways that you can be sure you maximize your storage space is by installing shelves across lower kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen lighting

You need to ensure that your kitchen has sufficient lighting. One for obvious reasons is that you need good lighting for safety purposes. You need to clearly see what you are doing like when chopping to avoid accidents in the kitchen. Evaluate the working areas and set up appropriate lighting around these areas.

The other reason is that good lighting brings out the unique elements of custom made cabinets around your kitchen. Ensure that you install lighting in the under cabinets which in turn illuminate countertops. If you want to enhance the beauty around your kitchen you can consider using pendant lights to match with your unique cabinets.


You may have the best-designed kitchen in your area but if it has that last night’s fish smell still lingering on then that quickly steals the glory. Nobody wants to walk in a stuffy kitchen let alone spend more time there. Checking the ventilation around your kitchen is vital. There should always be that free flow of air in out even in your cabinets to ensure that no stale air is trapped in there. Your cabinets have to be well spaced and well placed to ensure that even cleaning them out is easy for you. A well-ventilated kitchen affects the general aura of the rest of the house.

Use professionals to help with custom cabinets

As you design your kitchen, it is important to see that your custom made cabinets go well with countertops in the kitchen. Sometimes we may reason that remodeling our own kitchen is better since you will be saving money but actually this is not true. You may have an idea on how you want your kitchen to look like but you end up wasting a lot of time and also money if the installations are not done correctly.

Seek the services of a professional conversant with custom kitchen designs in Aurora and you can tell them all about how you need your kitchen to look like. They will advise you what will work best and how to choose the best cabinets to go with the space you have in your kitchen.

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