The Top 5 Myths About Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Debunked

December 30, 2013 Uncategorized


The kitchen is arguably the most important room in any home. The trend over the past decade has been for homeowners to use their kitchen as a multi-purpose room. Kitchens not only provide a place to cook, they give the family a meeting room, somewhere for the kids to do their homework and even a room to entertain guests and socialize. One key part of any successful kitchen design is the cabinetry. Today we will explore five common myths about custom kitchen cabinetry. How many have you heard?

Myth #1: Custom Cabinetry Is Never Discounted

Reality: When designing your kitchen you have to choose between stock cabinetry from big box retail stores such as IKEA, Lowes or Home Depot and custom cabinetry from a specialist supplier. One prevalent myth is that custom cabinetry is, due to its bespoke nature, never discounted. This is untrue. Some custom cabinet firms manage to keep their overheads low and are able to pass on the savings to their customers. You can pay less for cabinets if you shop around.

Myth #2: Custom Cabinetry Can Be Used For A Partial Kitchen Remodel

Reality: While many homeowners would love a full kitchen remodel, not everyone can afford it. Unfortunately, this had led to a myth that you can buy custom cabinets for part of your kitchen in just one particular section to bring down the overall cost of the remodel. The truth is that custom cabinetry cannot generally be used in partial remodels. In other words, you’ll have a tough time convincing cabinetry firms to install cabinets in conjunction with other units. Firms have exacting standards and will not accept the quality of their cabinetry being diluted by fitting it with other cabinets. If you want just a couple of cabinets, it is best to stick with major retail stores.

Myth #3: Refaced Cabinets Can Achieve The Same Look As Custom Cabinets

Reality: We’ve all seen the adverts for cabinet refacing. Refacing involves trashing old cabinet doors and drawer faces and fitting new ones with brand new hinges, drawer rails and handles. The adverts promise ‘as-new’ cabinets for 50 percent less than the cost of full replacements. How true is this? Sadly, it’s a myth and refaced cabinets have several drawbacks meaning they can never compare with custom cabinets, even if you reface old custom cabinets. As one custom kitchen designer in Aurora points out, cabinets often warp over time and hinge alignments can be off. Refacing does not address the interior of the old cabinets and there is usually a problem trying to match colors exactly.

Myth #4: Custom Cabinets Only Use Real Wood Interiors

Reality: Many people are aware of custom cabinetry but believe that they are only offered in real wood. While some homeowners would expect nothing less, others are attracted to synthetic materials for the cabinet interiors, as they are harder wearing and easier to clean than real wood. It is in fact a myth that custom cabinets are only built with wooden interiors. Most cabinetry firms offer white melamine or simulated maple melamine is addition to natural birch plywood interiors.

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