These Changes to Your Kitchen Will Really Optimize Workflow

November 24, 2014 Uncategorized

If you speak to a manager working in an office then they will often talk to you about ‘workflow’. The same goes for many entrepreneurs.

What they mean by this, is the flow of work and how they move seamlessly between tasks. Perfecting workflow means making sure that everything is done as quickly as possible and with the least resistance. So in an office that means making sure that the computers work as well as they can, it means making sure that the workers are awake and focused and it means making the use of the very best software. It can also mean organizing work so that you are completing tasks in the correct order – which can make a big difference to productivity.

In short, lots of tiny elements can greatly impact how quickly and easily work gets done so it’s critical to consider this.

Likewise, the exact same is also true in the kitchen. While we don’t think about it that often, the order you approach jobs, the appliances you use and the way you approach tasks can all have a big impact on how quickly you are able to cook/wash up etc. as well as greatly impacting on the eventual quality of the food that you’re preparing.

Here we will look at some of the easiest changes you can make in your kitchen that will improve this workflow and make life much easier.

The Right Appliances


One important change is to have the right appliances and that means looking into things like blenders which can help you to easily blend food and thus save you time that might otherwise be spend peeling and chopping etc.

Something to remember with a blender though, is also the amount of washing up time it’s going to take up. This is an important consideration in general with your kitchen appliances – because if they’re designed in a way that’s going to make them incredibly slow to clean then you’ll find yourself putting off using them. Having removable blades etc. and fewer grooves where food can get stuck makes a huge difference.

Waste Disposal Unit

One of the very best appliances of all is to get a waste disposal unit. This is essentially a blender that lives inside your kitchen sink and that thus blends anything you throw down it. This is firstly a fantastic device because it means that you will never block your sink. That’s a pretty huge amount of time you’ve saved right there because it won’t take hours for your sink to drain. At the same time though, it also means you can chop or peel straight into the sink rather than on a chopping board which is easier (because you can keep rinsing the peeler) and creates less mess to wash up later.


Need we say more? If you’re putting off getting one then just try it… you won’t ever look back.

Work Zones

A work zone is any area in the kitchen where you are able to reach two or more countertops and at least one appliance or cupboard. These are spots you can stand in for ideal multitasking and they make a huge difference. Using custom kitchen cabinetry can make this possible along with the right design for your room.

Size of Your Bins

Another seemingly small detail that must never get overlooked. When your kitchen becomes really unclean, it’s often because dirt and grime has collected. Often this happens because you don’t want to take out the trash and often that happens because you have filled up the bin. Bigger bins = far less work.

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