Tips to Design an Exquisite Outdoor Kitchen

April 16, 2020 Kitchen Renovations

Many people are comfortable with the indoor kitchen but have you ever thought what an outdoor kitchen could do? It is more than an entertaining luxury space where you can toss sauteed vegetables to the applause of your friends or share a bottle of beer while the chicken wings are being grilled on the griller. Besides making it an entertainment spot, it could bring a lot more function to your outdoor space while increasing your living space substantially.


When you have decided to take the design of your home to the next level by incorporating an outdoor kitchen, planning it accurately can help you achieve the desired results. Considering the space to be used for the kitchen, selecting the location in your outdoor space, opting for the right appliances and kitchen decor and how it will hold all the elements can help you design a functional kitchen. This could be achieved by hiring professional kitchen contractors.


Keep in mind the points given below to construct an exquisite outdoor kitchen-


1) Extend your living space- One of the benefits of an outdoor kitchen is that it extends your living space with a fun element. Make the most of it by planning it to be used in winters as well as summers. Incorporate pergolas or gazebos and plant some trees for shade and shelter during sweltering summers, whereas creating a firepit to gather around during winters can provide warmth near your outdoor kitchen.


2) Plan the layout- When you are planning an outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to consider the space of your yard. The kitchen should be made in a manner that you can cook there in any weather condition. Walls and windows define an indoor kitchen whereas an outdoor could be defined by choosing the right elements, for instance, a refrigerator should not be placed near the heater, and there must be enough space or a perfect countertop putting the things. Therefore, the L-shaped kitchen pattern is considered.


3) Look for features to incorporate- Continuing from layout; it is now time to check which appliances and furnishings could be added to your outdoor kitchen. Here are some to consider-


  • BBQ and Griller- Grillers and BBQ are the focal point of outdoor cooking and are mainly used for grilling meat and vegetables.
  • Built-in Refrigerator- Built-in refrigerator is another good choice for your outdoor kitchen for keeping water bottles, beverages and drinks cold for your guests.
  • Custom Cabinets- Install custom cabinets for storing grocery and cutlery. They could be used to store anything that will make your kitchen look more confined and defined. 
  • Sink- Sink is a must. It is used for washing utensils and keeping the place clean and organized.


4) Choose your materials- Choose the materials for your outdoor kitchen wisely since weather conditions like high winds, humidity and snow can knock-out your kitchen. Select the materials that are tough to withstand weather elements being low maintenance and easy to clean. Therefore, stainless steel is a great choice for kitchen countertops and appliances since they carry style and durability at the same time.


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