Tips to make your Tiny Kitchen Look Spacious

August 20, 2021 Kitchen Renovations

Drawer Glides For The Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can be one of the most exciting renovations in the homeowner’s life. Upgrading the kitchen according to the house’s theme and using cost-effective strategies can be an overwhelming task. Tiny and cramped kitchens can look very dull and monotonous. Designing a small space using a limited budget can be a big challenge. You need to set your kitchen in a way that you get enough space to enjoy your cooking and set the appliances in the right place. Also, this kind of kitchen remodel will be a very time-consuming process because you have to five into the various types of resources to find the best ones for your kitchen. The kitchen cabinetry and the countertops must be arranged in an orderly manner not to make the kitchen look compact. The size of the kitchen can always look more significant when the proper techniques are applied and simple interior designs are used. A spacious kitchen will instantly create a very positive environment and bring a sparkling touch to the area. Here are very tricks that can help you make your tiny kitchen look spacious:

Make use of the light colours: The light colours are the best friends in the small areas. The soft shades of paint reflect light and make the space look bigger. Thus shifting on to whites and grey shades will immediately make the room look bigger. White kitchen countertops and cabinets are on-trend and completely change the feel of your kitchen. Pale green shades can also create a very seamless space when blended with White.

Add mirrors to your kitchen: We people tend to use mirrors in the bedrooms and dressing rooms. But when we use the mirrors in the kitchen, we can make the space more prominent and more striking. Mirror cupboards or splashbacks can be used to create an illusionary effect.

Go for open shelving: Open storage spaces are in high trend and always make the area bigger and brighter. When the things are kept in cluttered shelves and cupboards, they look very messy. So removing some of the cabinets and shelves from the area can make your kitchen airy.

Go for geometric patterns: When looking for interior designs, the geometric patterns always stand out in all respects. Geometric tablecloths, rugs, cushions, blankets are perfect for a small space. Using too many patterns in the small area can also make your kitchen look overcrowded. Thus geometric patterns make your kitchen look bigger and taller.

Choose sleek and slimmer cabinets: Sleek cabinets add to the existing space. The narrower cabinets create an outstanding visual appeal even though you won’t be able to put all your items inside the cabinets.

A single sink in the kitchen: Creating two sinks in the kitchen can take a lot of space and are not considered trendy. A double sink in the kitchen can dominate all your space. Also, the single has a lot of space and accommodate all your dirty utensils.

Add lighting to your kitchen: The best way to change the feel of the kitchen and make it look more spacious is by adding the lighting above the cabinets. Lighting is a critical element for creating a seemingly larger kitchen. Also, adding the lights underneath the cupboards and the walls can do most of your work.

Break the walls: Knocking down the walls can create an expanded space. You can have an unobstructed view from the kitchen, which can directly create an illuminating kitchen. Also, you get an open space to move around the kitchen.

Let the natural light in: The view you have from your kitchen should be unique. You should create enough windows to have a full view of the outdoors. Keep the windows uncovered to let the natural light in.

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