Top 7 Kitchen Cabinet Mistakes You Should Avoid

January 2, 2015 Uncategorized

Your kitchen is not just a space you resort to during meal times. It should be more than just your cooking space. Adding one or two aesthetic elements should therefore be considered if one is to come up with a functional kitchen. That is where kitchen cabinets come into the picture. But in as much as they add space to your cooking area, there are still mistakes made by homeowners from time to time. Such mistakes include:

Mixing cabinet door types

It is easy to spot kitchen cabinets that feature frosted cabinet doors on one side and plain wooden doors on the other. This may seem as a modern trend but it isn’t. It is a misconception. Simply decide on one door type. Mixing may sound like a perfect way of blending classic and modern themes. A simple mistake may however spoil the desired effect. The best way to avoid such mistakes is to consider professional assistance. In short, hire an interior designer.


Poor spacing

There should be ample spacing between your countertops and kitchen cabinets without unnecessary hangings. The same applies to interior spaces. Avoid making too many compartments in the name of saving space.

Water based painting

Applying water based painting on your kitchen cabinet happens to be one of the most common mistakes people make. It is wrong on so many levels. For starters, water based paints are not stain resistant. That means you will have to consider repainting from to time. Water based paints also don’t maintain their allure for long. Simply go for oil based paints for your cabinets. You can always wipe stains off them with ease. You can also be sure water based paints can retain their allure for a long time.

Poor painting

If there is one area you cannot afford to mess while painting, it is your kitchen. The best way to go about it is to simply go for bright colors. But sometimes sophistication comes knocking and you just have to go against the norm. Keep off dark colors like emerald green, navy blue and cranberry red. Such colors can effortlessly make a statement on your cabinets. Keep in mind though that they work well in large spaces. They can darken small rooms and make them dingy. If you really have to use them in sizeable kitchens, then ensure you blend and balance them with light accents and white walls.

Poor maintenance

This one is self explanatory. Kitchen cabinets happen to be one of the most ignored places in modern homes. They fade with time. But only a few remember to repaint them. Routine maintenance should not be ignored especially if you applied gloss on your wooden cabinet doors. Repaint at least twice a year.

Choosing the wrong hinge

The sight of antique hinges on modern cabinet doors is an eyesore. First decide whether or not you want to have your desired hinges exposed. There are three options to consider. You can go for exposed, semi exposed or concealed hinges for your kitchen cabinet. Whatever you go for, ensure that your choice is consistent. That is, do not mix concealed hinges with exposed hinges. Simply choose the type of hinge that complements your kitchen cabinet doors and stick to it.

Mixing frameless and framed cabinet doors

Again, this is a common mistake homeowners make. Choose one type of kitchen cabinet door and stick to it. Mixing framed and frameless kitchen cabinet doors in the name of space will only compromise the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Frameless cabinet doors are recommended for pretty obvious reasons. They are spacious, which makes them ideal for sizeable kitchens. In addition, they are simple, which means they go easy on the eyes.

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